ज़हरीली हवा से बचने के निजी उपाय जानिए

06 Nov 2019

दिल्ली एक बार फिर से ज़हरीली हवा की चपेट में हैं। दिल्ली सरकार ने वायु प्रदूषण की इस समस्या से निपटने के लिए एडवाइजरी जारी की है। लेकिन इससे निपटने के लिए आमजन को भी अपनी भूमिका निभानी होगी।

E-Waste Management in India: Challenges and Opportunities

06 Nov 2019 | Ms Akanksha Manish| | Dr Paromita Chakraborty

Growth in the IT and communication sectors has enhanced the usage of the electronic equipment exponentially. Faster upgradation of electronic product is forcing consumers to discard old electronic products very quickly, which, in turn, adds to e-waste to the solid waste stream. The growing problem of e-waste calls for greater emphasis on recycling e-waste and better e-waste management.

EVs can help curb vehicular emissions and improve air quality

05 Nov 2019 | Dr Atul Agrawal

The Government of Delhi had released the draft of Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy on November 27, 2018. Against the backdrop of the worsening air quality in the Capital, it's time to revisit this draft policy and explore measures that need to be addressed for the growth of electric transport infrastructure in the Capital.

How wise choices can help enhance the indoor air quality?

31 Oct 2019

International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action: Paint is a source of indoor pollution, and it has a considerable bearing on one’s health and wellbeing. So, if you're getting a paint job done, switch to eco-friendly paints that are available in a variety of attractive colours, are durable, and provide long-lasting coverage.

Mainstreaming non-state climate action

25 Oct 2019 | Ms Mekhala Sastry

Youth and industry voices delivered clear messages at the UN Climate Action Summit

How to reduce air pollution and waste generation this festive season?

23 Oct 2019

Because it is during this season when air pollution rises to dangerous levels, energy and food wastages increase exponentially, plastic packaging and cracker debris litter the roads and several children, sick and older people and animals suffer too. That's how we have been celebrating festivals, year on year. But this time around, let's do it with a difference.

Ujjwala achieves target of 8 cr LPG connections but a lot remains undone

16 Oct 2019

Providing LPG is necessary but not sufficient. The government needs to adopt supplementary measures to incentivize higher utilization of LPG to succeed in its objective of providing clean fuel.

Mahatma Gandhi and the Environment

01 Oct 2019 | Dr John S Moolakkattu

As India celebrates the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr John S Moolakkattu revisits Gandhi's thinking and views on environment. In his book, Mahatma Gandhi and the Environment, he says that Gandhi's environmentalism fitted in with his overall vision for India and the world that sought to extract from nature what is absolutely necessary for human sustenance. His ideas on environment are intimately linked with his ideas relating to the polity, economy, health, and development.

Plastic waste pollution: A minute to make, but years to break

27 Sep 2019

Over the past decades, global plastic production and consumption have witnessed a meteoric rise. While the harmful effects of plastic utilization are many, we seem incapable of weaning ourselves away from it. Single-use plastic items have caused a lot of damage to the environment and there's an urgent need to collectively curb its usage, monitor its disposal, and, if possible, avoid using it altogether.

Balloons are ticking bombs

26 Sep 2019 | Ms Maneka Sanjay Gandhi

"Balloons are deadlier than bombs," says Maneka Sanjay Gandhi. Your celebration means the death of thousands of birds and animals annually. It is time you stopped wasting important resources like helium for meaningless rituals.