COVID-19: A strategic opportunity for sustainable development

22 Apr 2020

The sector-specific allocations for health, education, and infrastructure the Union Budget 2020-21 collectively make up only a fraction of India's GDP. Our rapidly developing economy is threatened in the wake of a new global pandemic, COVID-19.

Changing role of chief sustainability officers

21 Apr 2020 | Mr Manoj Kumar Singh

Indus Towers has adopted various measures to set an example in making the telecom business more environmentally sustainable, writes its chief sustainability officer

Earth Day turns 50: Our obligation to endure and nurture

21 Apr 2020

Earth Day in 1970 began like any other movement: obscure and unpretentious at its genesis; gained momentum fed by other streams of thought; and eventually broadened by pressing environmental issues of the time.

In fight against Coronavirus, be aware of malnutrition's role in increasing vulnerability

17 Apr 2020

The linkage between malnutrition and susceptibility to viral infections becomes especially important in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic

Creating awareness among school children for leveraging the use of treated wastewater in India

16 Apr 2020

The per capita water availability depends upon the population of the country and with the increasing population; the per capita availability of India is reducing and is expected to reach 1,367 cubic meters in 2021. As per Niti Aayog, 21 major cities (including Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad) are racing towards zero groundwater levels, affecting access for 100 million people. In such a situation we need to look for alternate sources of water to meet our ever-increasing demands as water conservation and efficient use will not suffice.

जलवायु परिवर्तन से निपटने के लिए भारत कितना है तैयार?

15 Apr 2020

जलवायु परिवर्तन के गंभीर परिणाम हमारे सामने हैं जैसे मौसम में बढ़ते हुए बदलाव, अनियमित वर्षा, बाढ़ और सूखे जैसी घटनाओं का बार बार होना आदि। यह साफ़ है कि अगर अभी भी हम इन घटनाओं की अनदेखी करते हैं तो निकट भविष्य में हम इनका सामना करने के लिए तैयार नहीं होंगे।

What can the Coronavirus response teach us about dealing with climate change?

13 Apr 2020

Can we learn any lessons from the COVID 19 response in order to handle similar existential problems facing the world - such as climate change

TERI conducts a study to identify the sustainability route for the management of used straws

08 Apr 2020

The study was conducted to assess the value chain of plastic straws generated with used beverage cartons (portion packs) and help identify mechanisms to make this single-use plastic item sustainable

Effects of COVID-19 on Transportation Demand

08 Apr 2020

Transportation sector has been one of the primary victims of COVID-19. From rickshaw pullers to airlines, all have been affected economically by the pandemic. India's overall energy demand fell by 11% in March 20201. Due to lockdown in many countries, the demand for passenger transport has been adversely hit. The freight segment has had a mixed short-term effect in terms of transportation demand. There is a surge in demand for truck drivers in transportation of essential goods.

जेवर अंतर्राष्ट्रीय हवाई अड्डा: महिलाओं पर विस्थापन के प्रभाव

07 Apr 2020

प्रस्तावित अंतर्राष्ट्रीय हवाई अड्डे के लिए भूमि अधिग्रहण के बाद एक नई जगह पर विस्थापन और पुनर्वास पर महिलाओं की धारणा को समझने के लिए टेरी का एक अध्ययन ।