Preparedness for Vector Borne Diseases

Vector-borne disease outbreak becomes a public health threat each year and gets aggravated due to extreme weather conditions. Partnerships are being strengthened for effective control among multiple departments, municipalities, and health facilities. Several steps by the health, meteorology, and planning departments are being planned and executed to prevent, control, and track the disease. The discussion focuses on the new capacities these departments have built across the country, the on-going activities and plans for moving toward cities free of vector-borne diseases.

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Dr R N Singh,Chief Medical Officer, New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC)

Dr P J Hazarika, Additional District Magistrate (South-West), Office of District Magistrate (South-West Delhi)

Dr S M Raheja, Addl. Director General, PHIV (Dengue) IDSP, NVBDCP, Water Borne & Vector Borne Diseases, H1N1, Communicable Diseases

Dr D R Pattnaik, Scientist E, Indian Meteorology Department.


Dr R C Dhiman, Scientist G, National Institute of Malaria Research, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)


Meena Sehgal

Fellow, TERI
UCHAI Secretariat

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