Webinar on Climate Change and Health: What Medical Students and Health Professionals Need to Know

Climate variability and change affect temperature and precipitation patterns as well as air quality, which affect health through altering exposures. To share the underlying linkages of climate and weather with health, Understanding Climate and Health Associations in India (UCHAI) initiative is organizing a webinar. The webinar is particularly designed for medical students and health professionals. The International frameworks that govern some of the national initiatives on climate change and health would also be part of the discussions.

Learning Outcomes

  • To develop understanding of the critical pathways of climate science, which increase health risks
  • To understand India's strategic plan and initiative under Conference of the Parties, UNFCCC
  • To develop an overview of disaster risk reduction under the Sendai Framework
  • To discuss climate-sensitive health effects


Dr Arindam Datta,Fellow, Centre for Environmental Studies, TERI

Presentation: Critical Climate Science Pathways that Increase Risks to Health

Dr Harshal R Salve, Assistant Professor, AIIMS

Presentation: Climate-Sensitive Health Effects

Ms Anuradha Singh, Director, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MOEF&CC), GOI

Presentation: India's Strategic Plan and Initiative under Conference of the Parties (COP), UNFCCC

Ms Suruchi Bhadwal, Senior Fellow, Centre for Global Environment Research, TERI

Presentation: Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Sendai Framework


Dr Anand Krishnan, Professor, Centre for Community Medicine, AIIMS


Meena Sehgal

Fellow, TERI
UCHAI Secretariat
Email: meenas@teri.res.in

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