Fourteenth Darbari Seth Memorial Lecture 2015

New Delhi, December 10, 2015: At the 14th Darbari Seth Memorial Lecture to commemorate the Foundation Day of TERI, Mr Chandan Mitra, who presided over the Lecture said that climate change can be compared to the threat of terrorism, with no imminent solutions. He highlighted the recent Chennai disaster caused by extreme rainfall and a similar experience in Mumbai a few years ago. He said these are evident examples of climate change, along with other factors causing these incidents.

Indicating the critical times that we are in, he said that "drastic measures" need to be taken and the introduction of the new proposed policy of Delhi government of plying odd and even numbered cars on alternate days, is one such measure. The success of this measure is yet to be determined, but the necessity of dealing with climate change and pollution has "jolted us out of [our] cocoon of complacency".

Addressing the gathering, Dr Mitra said that while climate change is a challenge it also provides an opportunity "to think innovatively". Referring to the limited success of primitive solar cookers, and the much applauded Solar Alliance announced by Prime Minister Modi, he said that innovation will improve itself but an initiation of that process is critical at this juncture.

Mr Prem Shankar Jha, Senior Journalist & Author, the Guest Speaker at the Lecture said that Paris talks may fail, as despite the current targets set by developing countries, absolute emissions will continue to rise at an unprecedented rate

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Solar and biofuel can prod us towards fossil-free future, says Prem Shankar Jha
10 December 2015