Thirteenth Darbari Seth Memorial Lecture, 2014

   Thirteenth Darbari Seth Memorial Lecture 2014

Video of the Thirteenth Darbari Seth Memorial Lecture by Dr Siraj Hasan

TERI organized the Thirteenth Darbari Seth Memorial Lecture on 21 August 2014 to pay homage to TERI's Founder, the late Mr Darbari S Seth. Dr Siraj Hasan, D.Phil (Oxon.), Distinguished Professor & Former Director, Indian Institute of Astrophysics delivered the lecture and Dr Najma Heptulla, Hon'ble Minister of Minority Affairs presided over the function. The lecture entitled, 'Journey to the Sun: A Gateway to the Stars and the Universe', focused on the importance of the Sun, our main star in the solar system and the source of energy that provides sustenance to the Earth and humanity.

Eventually the Sun's outer layers will envelop Mercury, Venus and probably our planet as well, said Dr Siraj Hasan, Distinguished Professor and Former Director of the Indian Institute of Astrophysics. He added, "Major studies by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have carefully examined over 100 years of measurements and concluded that the average global temperature has risen about 0.8 degree Celsius. The years 1983– 2012 have likely been the warmest 30 years in the last 1400. The gradual temperature increase is related to the emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2 and most likely human activity."

Delivering the presidential address, Dr Najma Heptulla, Hon'ble Minister of Minority Affairs, said "Mr Darbari Seth worked on several key issues such as energy security and modern technologies, which are even more relevant today. As our Prime Minister has stressed the need to focus on the widespread use of technologies, including swadeshi innovations, I am glad to see TERI is doing work on similar lines to promote inclusive growth".

The audience comprised dignitaries, senior bureaucrats, embassy, High Commission Officials, entrepreneurs, representatives from NGOs, academicians, scientists and researchers, who paid rich tributes to TERI's founder Mr Darbari S Seth.

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