Technologies available for licensing and technology transfer

  1. Biomass dryers for cash crops
  2. Production of compacted fuels from crop residues
  3. Biomass gasification for heat and power applications for rural, commercial, and industrial applications (up to 150-kWe capacity)
  4. Arbuscular mycorrhizae biofertilizer as a natural alternative to chemical fertilizers
  5. Thermal applications for silk thread production
  6. Microbial nutrients for bio-remediation of oil sludges and contaminated soils
  7. Ceramic membranes for clarification applications
  8. Bio-remediation of acidic sludges (patent applied)
  9. A process for biomethanation of organic wastes (patent applied)
  10. A process for storage of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae (patent applied)
  11. A biopesticide based on eucalyptus plant extract (patent applied)
  12. A method for preventing deposition in an oil-well bore using microbial means (patent applied)
  13. Technology for reclamation of flyash overburdens and alkali-chlor sludge
  14. Technology for reclamation/management of distillery and paper and pulp effluents