Sustainable Development Technologies - TERI

TERI Technologies

In all its activities dedicated to technology innovation, TERI consciously builds in comprehensive dimensions that are environment-friendly, natural resource conserving, and people-oriented.

It is with such vision, perseverance, and ingenuity that TERI's team has developed a range of technologies in different disciplines and areas of scientific endeavour. From sophisticated research in microbial biotechnology for remediation of oil spills, to the effective use of mechanical and chemical engineering techniques in developing biomass gasifiers for various applications, or customization of photovoltaic technology for applications that suit the needs of the poorest of the poor- TERI has, quite unobtrusively, over two decades, developed a bank of technologies that carry immense potential to reduce the ecological footprint of development on the country's natural wealth while also generate opportunities for the underprivileged. The talent of diverse groups in TERI was pooled to create workable and viable solutions that are, most importantly, sustainable.

This segment, therefore, includes only those technologies, which are proven for their effectiveness and economic viability. Hence, these are not mere laboratory solutions, but practical innovations that underline the sustainable use of natural resources. They provide a gateway of opportunities for the economic welfare of human society, which must move towards a new paradigm of development.