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Biomass Energy

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Ongoing Projects

Project Title Sponsor(s) Start Date
Solid waste treatment plants at NTPC, Ramagundam, Telengana NTPC Limited June 2016
Biomethanation plant at NTPC Tanda, UP NTPC Limited May 2016
A high-rate bioelectrochemical anaerobic digestion process specialized in distillery wastewater for organic pollutants stabilization and methane gas recovery DST State S&T Prog July 2015
Photobioreactor Design and Harvest Technology for Algal Biofuels Department of Biotechnology March 2015
High Pressure Cogeneration Technology for Sugar Sector in Pakistan European Commission February 2014

completed Projects

Project Title Sponsor(s) End Date
Managing REEEP South Asia Secretariat 2012 -13 Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP),Asian Energy Institute December 2012
Rice husk based power generation study in the state of Punjab World Bank June 2012
Assessment of technological options for conversion of potential/existing biomass resources to liquid fuels Toyota Motor Corporation June 2012
Design, development, and testing of biomass aasifier waste heat based integrated power and cooling using Turnstone Climate Well System Turnstone Environmental Technologies, LLC, New Delhi (India) June 2012
Indigenous ceramic membranes for degumming and solvent recovery Ministry of Food and Consumer Affairs June 2012