People's Biodiversity Register of urban and coastal village areas in Goa

30 Aug 2016


The People’s Biodiversity Register (PBR) projects, supported by the Goa State Biodiversity Board (GSBB), are being facilitated in the urban area of Panaji city and the villages of Velim, Chodan-Madel, Nuvem, and Anjuna in Goa. Support was also received from GIZ India for creation of awareness and capacity building in Chodan-Madel to promote the development of the village PBR. The development of the urban/village PBR was commenced by raising awareness among the members of the Biodiversity Management Committee (BMC) and elected City Council/Panchayat members, among the local people at the ward level, and among students. This was achieved via meetings, presentations, awareness walks, and conducting village-level activities that encouraged greater understanding of the importance of the PBR and participation in its development. An understanding of the natural and infrastructure resources was promoted by ward-wise participatory rural appraisal exercises with resource mapping and verification. Further, capacity was built for biodiversity documentation to record and inventorize the occurrence of various floral and faunal species of the urban area or village. It is also an attempt at recording rapidly eroding knowledge of the medicinal uses of local plants, and the occurrence and management practices of land races of cultivated crops. The collected data is being compiled and recorded into the PBR formats prescribed by the National Biodiversity Authority (NBA), upon which the report will be further validated by a panel of experts before being deposited in the document repositories of GSBB and NBA. This document, which is of legal importance, will permit access benefit sharing of biodiversity resources within the urban area or village and improved management of these resources.