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Library purchases and subscribes to various CD-ROMs as listed below. Library also conducts literature search from these sources.

2050: The future begins today - recommendations for the Eu's future integrated policy on climate change
A film on Cop-8
A film on Watershed Development Programme: North Goa
A guide to community multimedia centres: guide to radio browsing
A model for calculating interconnection costs in telecommunications
A new prescription: terravision
A synthesis/compilation report with all core findings from the energy access working group
ABC of abt- a primer on availability tariff
Actual server pages 2.0 (Asp)
Advanced programming techniques
Advances in energy research: proceedings of the 1st National Conference on Advances in Energy Research
Aesieap- association of the electricity supply industry of East Asia and The Western Pacific Goldbook 2001
Agriculture and the small farmer in India: Bollywood perspective
Agriculture, biology and environmental sciences abstracts (1993-2005)
American economic review, Vol. 89(1) - 90(4)
An awareness against global warming Raksha Bandhan with trees: a film
Analyzing the distributional impact of reforms, Vol. I
Annual energy outlook 1996
Annual reports library of BSE and NSE listed companies
Anthropogenic climate destabilization: a worst- case scenario workshop proceedings
Application of geographical information systems in energy systems
Area of darkness
Ashrae 2001 annual meeting
Ashrae 2001 winter meeting: technical and symposium paper
Ashrae 2002 annual meeting
Ashrae 2002 winter meeting : technical and symposium papers
Ashrae 2003 annual meeting : technical and symposium paper
Ashrae 2003 winter meeting : technical and symposium paper
Ashrae 90.1 user's manual
Ashrae handbook: fundamentals 2009
Ashrae transactions : annual meeting in boston
Ashrae transactions : technical and symposium papers, vol 2.2
Ashrae transactions : winter meeting, dallas
Ashrae transactions 2000: annual meeting, minneapolis
Ashrae winter meeting 2003
Ashrae winter meeting in atlanta, georgia
Asi database (industry)
Atmospheric environment, supplement 1 vol 33
Atmospheric environment, supplement 2, vol 34
Atmospheric environment: CD-rom supplement 1, volume 31,32,33
Attaining global health
Bamboo bibliography database
Basic practice of statistics student
Beyond kyoto
Bibliography on science and technology in japan
Bioenergy for the future in Schleswig-Holstein
Biogas from waste and waste water treatment: solutions for the environment
Biohorizon-2005: The National Symposium on Biochemical Engineering And Biotechnology
Bioremediation & Biodegradation: current advances in reducing toxicity, exposure and environmental consequences.
Biospectrum: India life sciences resource guide 2009
BP performance 1997
Brazilian Atlas of Solar Energy (Atlas Brasileiro De Energie Solar)
Brazilian energy balance
Breaking new ground: mining minerals and sustainable development (The report of the mmsd project)
Building on a century of leadership
Buildings that breathe
Business and biodiversity offsets programme (BBOP) phase one
By United Nations
CA surveyor (1993-95): current scientific literature at your fingertips
Caspian and black sea oil and gas transport: new and alternative export routes
Caspian and black sea oil and gas transport: new and alternative export routes
Cement 2000
Cement: a world cement production
Census of India 1991(Full)
Census of India 2001
Census of India 2001: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala , Tamilnadu, Pondicherry, Lakshadweep.
Census of India 2001: Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, Manipur: Tables on Houses, Household amenities and assets
Census of India 2001: Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu: Tables on Houses, Household amenities
Census of India 2001: Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, Delhi: Tables on Houses, Household amenities and assets
Census of India 2001: Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh: tables on houses, household amenities and assets
Census of India 2001: tables on houses, household amenities and assets
Census of India 2001: Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar: tables on houses, household amenities and assets
CII: directory of members
Clearing the air: the health and economic damages of air pollution in China
Climate change China's actions changement climatique
Climate change international conference
Climate change the solution: be veg go green save the planet
Climate policy information package 2003: comprehensive guide covering research and information outreach activities
Climate policy project activities
Collection on critical global issues
Colours of Punjab: historical monuments of Punjab
Commanding heights: the battle for the world economy, the agony of reform
Community geography: GIS in action
Conservation and sustainable development strategies (national, provincial and district)
Creating world class infrastructure
Cross- border infrastructure: toolkit
CSR orchid "TERI CSR 2003/2004"
Current usage patterns of electrical appliances and energy saving devices
Daughters of the soil
Design and experiments using the taguchi approach: 16 steps to product and process improvement
Designing household survey questionnaires for developing countries
Developing e-commerce sites: an integrated approach
Development, trade, and the WTO - a handbook
Dialogue on water and climate: 3rd world water forum, kyoto Japan 2003
Directory / database of Faridabad industries
Econlit-aAea, 1982-Sept.1997
Econlit-Aea, 1984-2000/03 Economics
Econlit-Aea, 1986-2002/06
Econlit-Aea, 1994-2005/06
Economicaindia : info-services
Ecta concerted action environmental technologies
Ecta concerted action environmental technologies
Electric power in Asia and the Pacific 1999 and 2000 and 2001 and 2002
Electricity film
Electrochemical and solid-state letters, vol 11 (2008) Complete
Encyclopedia Britanica 2001 (In 3 Cds)
Energy and environment technologies 1999: worldwide suppliers and successful demonstration projects
Energy balances of non-OECD countries 1971-1999
Energy for the future: meeting the challenge (Teres Ii)
Energy in Europe 1998 annual energy review special issue December, 1998
Energy in Europe 1999 annual energy review
Energy Infodisc, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1996
Energy Infodisc, Vol. 1, No. 2, 1996
Energy statistics of Non-OECD countries 1971-1999
Energy trends and technologies facts, challenges and responses
Energy: Who's who India
Engineering, Computing and technology, with abstracts (1993-2005)
Engineers newsletter live: energy analysis –LEED modeling
Engineers newsletter live: HVAC and LEED
Enpogen: Energy, poverty and gender
Environment policy working paper
Environment policy working paper
Environmental and social report 2006
Environmental design of urban buildings: an integrated approach
Environmental engineers, manufacturers
Environmental modeling: a practical introduction
Environmental products and services directory 1993
Essential biosafety
E-teacher: next generation one on one learning and knowledge sharing
Ethnographic action research training handbook: a users’ handbook designed for information and communication technology initiatives
Every action counts: move to mitigate, act to adapt
Exhibitor's directory: 7th elecrama-2006
Experimental study of regeneration desiccant integrated solar dryer with and without reflective mirror
Exporting harm: the high tech trashing of Asia (NTSC version)
FAO statistical yearbook, vol. 2, no. 1
FAO statistical yearbook, vol.i, no.1
Festivals of thinkers 2007: inspire, innovate, invent
Fifth core training course on infrastructure regulation and reform, 3-11 august 2003
Fifty years of nuclear power - next fifty years
Fighting global warming- the efforts of CRIEPI (DVD video NTSC version)
Final report of the Helsinki process on globalization and democracy
Findings from the field: a compilation of publications on HIV/aids updated on 2004
Forestry (2nd. Ed)
Forests, people & power: documentary films on the political ecology of reform in south asia, disc one
From databases to hypermedia: with 26 CAI lessons
Fundamentals of satellite remote sensing
Future of glass: crystal silence
Geo reports: analyses and outlooks
Geology: basics for engineers
Geotechnical, rock and water resources library (grow)
Give us a life please: Terravision
Global assessment report 2009 on disaster risk reduction: risk and poverty in a changing climate: invest today for a safe
Global change and ecosystems: EU research for the environment catalogue of fp6 projects
Global environment outlook
Global mapping of human settlement: experiences, datasets, and prospects
Global warming countermeasures Japanese technologies for energy saving GHG emission reduction
Global warning
Good practice guidance for land use, land-use change and forestry.
Gravity transport sys
Greenhouse gas technology information exchange
Grolier multimedia encyclopedia
Guide to sustainable buildings design: energy efficient buildings in India, vol 2
Guide to sustainable buildings design: knowledge bank for sustainable buildings design, vol 1
Guidelines and standard operating procedures (sops) for confined field trials of regulated, genetically engineered (GE)
Guidelines for investment in road sector
Guidelines on co-processing waste materials in cement production
Gujarat rehabilitation project: one year after the Gujarat earthquake
Handbook of environmental measures in Kitakyushu city: the building blocks towards a sustainable society
Handbook: 2007 HVAC applications (heating, ventilation, and air- conditioning)
Hard truths facing the hard truths about energy: final report and additional study materials
Heating and cooling of buildings: design for efficiency
How to program html frames
Humanity development library for sustainable development and basic human needs
Ids climate change and disasters group
IEA statistics: coal information 2002
IEA statistics: coal information 2004
IEA statistics: electricity information
IEA statistics: energy balances of non-OECD countries 1971-1999
IEA statistics: energy balances of OECD countries 1960- 1999
IEA statistics: natural gas information 2004
IEA statistics: oil information
IEA statistics: renewables information
IEMA: the professional body of the environment supporting environmental professionals
Igniting change: accelerating collective action for Indian foundry industry
Impacts of climate change in India
Impacts of climate change, land-use change
In good company: corporate India and the climate challenge
Inclusive development through partnership and reforms: urban management in Gujarat 2001-2006, movie on urban indicators
Inclusive development through partnership and reforms: urban management in Gujarat 2001-2006, summit presentations
Index of publications and guide to information products and services
India launching workshop on cities for climate protection
India trade 2007
Indian CEO yellow pages 2004
Indian harvest
Indian industrial tariffs: toward WTO development
Indian journal of pharmacology
Indian wind energy market
Industrial product finder 2009, 2010
Industries and their initiatives
Integrated waste management software: functional demo
Interactive engineering mechanics, Statics: virtual tutor
International conference on adaptation to climate variability and change(2006)
International conference on climate change: act on climate change now or never
International conference on coal and organic petrology ICCP-TSOP
International conference on digital libraries: report
International conference on digital library 2010: shaping the information paradigm photographs 23 to 26th February
International conference on digital library: ICDL 2006
International conference on reforming the business environment: from assessing problems to measuring results
International forum on ecosystem approaches to human health
International school on climate system and climate change, august 23 - September 1, 2004
International standard organisation 14000: toolkit
Introducing geographic information systems with arc GIS
Introducing geographic information systems with Arcgis: a workbook approach to learning GIS
Introduction to bioinformatics: a theoretical and practical approach
IPCC (Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change): documentation for the sessions
IPCC tool for estimation of soil carbon stock changes
ISES 2001 proceedings: bringing solar down to earth
ISES solar world congress 2003:solar energy for a sustainable future
ISO 14001: 2004 environmental management systems -- requirements with guidance for use
ISO 7730: 2005 ergonomics of the thermal environment --
ISO14001: environmental certification step by step
ISPRS Ahmedabad 2009 workshop: impacts of climate change on agriculture
ISWA 2007
Jatropha Curcas: market survey cum detailed techno economic feasibility:
Journal of Economic Literature
Journal of Economic Literature, vol. xxxvi, 3
Journal of Economic Literature, vol. xxxvi, 4
Journal of Economic Literature: articles, book reviews, & indexes to new books, journal articles, & dissertations
Journal of the electrochemical society: electrochemical and solid-state letters
Kazakhstan human development report 2008: climate change and its impact on Kazakhstan human development
Kest: Korean English Science and Technology, June 2005
Last supper for Malthus, the permanent food crises
Learning active server pages
Let's make a climate for change: selection of side events of the UNCCC Cop
Life sciences with abstracts ( current contents CD 1993-2005)
Lighting a billion lives: illuminating rural lives
Lists of villages where electrification works
Making sustainable commitments: environment strategy for the world bank
Manual on industrial water efficiency: textile sector
Maps of India
Mastering English: composition
Mastering English: grammar
Mastering English: spellings
Mastering English: vocabulary
Mastering enterprise java beans and java2 platform
Media kit for cop 11 & cop/mop 1
Meltdown in Tibet: a personal take on the politics of water in Tibet
Microbehavior and macroresults: proceedings of the tenth biennial conference of the international institute of fisheries
Microbehavior and macroresults: proceedings of the tenth biennial conference of the international institute of fisheries
Microbiology: an introduction
Micropropagation of ornamentals
Microsoft Encarta 98 encyclopedia
Microsoft Encarta world atlas
Mining in the 21st century: quo Vadis?
Mining royalties: a global study of their impact on investors, government and civil society
Move: access to markets for the poor, landless and women
Narratives for the future: digital stories about the millennium development goals
National energy policy report, "energy for growth"
Natural resources Canada: recent reports
Nature: international weekly journal of science archives 1992-1994
Nature: plasmodium genome science achievement and medical opportunity
Navision India
News archives January to February 2010
News archives may 2007
News archives October to December 2009
NSS data (unit level) on 58th round- Sch 2.1: housing condition
NSS unit level data on 64th round, sch.1.0: consumer expenditure
NSSO 61st round sch.1.0 (consumer expenditure) cc/nss/3823
Nucleic acids research, vol. 21, 1993
Nucsal: national union catalogue of serials in academic libraries
Nucssi 1997 (national union catalogue of scientific serials in India)
Numerical models in groundwater pollution
One day conference on power trading /long term gas sale and purchase issues and challenges
Operation research: applications and algorithms, 4th ed
Operations research: an introduction
Oxford advanced learner's dictionary of current English
Ozone protection and national security- a military perspective: toolkit for defence forces
Papers from IAIA conferences 1997-1998
Petrotech 2001: 4th international petroleum conference and exhibition: hydrocarbons knowledge partnership for a green planet
Petrotech 2009: 8th international oil and gas conference and exhibition 11-15 Jan, 2009
Petrowatch India 1997-2002: market intelligence from the oil industry in India
Petrowatch-India 1997-2000
Photo gallery of vascular plants
Photon international, the photovoltaic magazine: market survey 2009: solar modules
Photon international: market survey solar modules 2007 and annual edition 2006
Photon international: the photovoltaic magazine annual edition 2008
Pollution abstracts 1970 - Feb. 2002
Pollution abstracts 1970 - May 2002
Power vision: 108th edition September 2007
Power without fuel
Power world simulator version 8.0: glover and Sarma edition
Power's promise
Power's promise by world bank
Primary census abstracts: Chhatisgarh, Madhya Pradesh
Primary census abstracts: Uttranchal, Bihar, Jharkhand
Private sector workplace programme to fight HIV/aids in India
Proceedings of the 15th through 18th IEEE photovoltaic specialists conference 1981-1985
Proceedings of the 19th through 22th IEEE photovoltaic specialists conference 1987-1991
Proceedings of the 23rd through 25th IEEE photovoltaic specialists conference 1993-1996
Proceedings of the 2nd through 14th IEEE photovoltaic specialists conference 1962-1980
Proceedings of the Nz energy conference 2002- the way forward
Produce energy save the nation: running planet
Product catalog 2005: making electric power safer,
Public enterprises survey 2008-2009, vol iii
Public service broadcasting: a best practices sourcebook
Reaching people through remote sensing
Rebis: industrial workgroup software
Reducing poverty sustaining growth: scaling up poverty reduction a global learning process and conference
Reducing vehicle emission in India
Reflections of change: glimpses from the Swiss cooperation's journey in India
Regional wood energy development in Asia
Remote sensing for natural resource management and environmental monitoring: manual of remote sensing, vol 4.
Renewable energy for Europe - the campaign for take-off 1999-2003
Renewable energy: is it for real?
Renewables 2004 - International Conference for Renewable Energies 1-4 June, Bonn, Germany
Report of the 12th international business forum
Report of the trend and progress of banking in India 2007-08
Report on biodiesel from jatropha
Report on environmental and social responsibility 2008
Report on trend and progress of banking in India 2006-07 round negotiations
Research and development statistics 2004-05
Resource assessment of non-wood forest products
RGGVY Assam Nagaon
RGGVY Karnataka Gulbarga district
Roche genetics: education program
Rural development forestry
Rural electrification the Panchayati way
Rural resources: Terraview
Sams teach yourself perl in 24 hours, version 1.0
Saving cambodia's great lake: water for all
SDC in India
Sel solutions 2007
Seminar on water resource management in chemical industry
Siam annual report 2005
Sixth annual conference on gas in India: revisiting price, demand, supply, regulation
Solarsizer photovoltaic system design tool
Special reports on emission scenarios, regional impacts of climate change, land-use change, and forestry (2nd. ed)
Standard methods for analysis and testing of petroleum and related products
State of the environment atlas - India
State of the Indian farmer: a millennium study
Statistics for business and economics 10e
Still seeking justice: the story of Telangana
Sulabh sanitation movement
Sun's joules and encyclopedia
Supreme court case finder 2001
Sustainable development strategies: a resource book
Sustainable state: environmental laws of Karnataka
Sustaining fast growth: the role of economic regulation
Taj Mahal ... Beyond the love story
TARA: journey to the heart of the climate machine
Teach yourself great web design
TERI energy data directory & yearbook (TEDDY) 2001/2002
TERI energy data directory & yearbook (TEDDY) 2003/04
TERI energy data directory & yearbook (TEDDY) 2009
TERI energy data directory & yearbook (TEDDY)2005/06
The 1999 international conference on membranes and membrane processes
The little climate finance cd: a guide to financing options for forests and climate change
Global Canopy Programme CD1130
The ABC of water pumping efficiency
The Ashrae transactions CD: 2000 annual meeting, Minneapolis
The Ashrae transactions CD: 2002 winter meeting, Dallas
The best of futuris: the television magazine on European research (DVD)
The challenge of sustainability
The earth we see and the world we want
The Fifth International Membrane Science & Technology Conference
The great Himalayas: incredible India
The little climate finance : a guide to financing options for forests and climate change
The millennium globalisation, competitiveness & the public trust
The Orient Longman Atlas: 186 maps with special focus on India
The orient longman atlas: 186 maps with special focus on India
The savior shoots: bamboo's role in the environmental and socio-economic rehabilitation of villages devastated by brick
The savior shoots: bamboo's role in the environmental and socio-economic rehabilitation of villages devastated by brick
The scientific costing guide buildcost: building construction cost data
The scientific costing guide buildcost: building construction cost data
To their credit: terravision
Trace family: building load and energy analysis software
Traditional aquaculture activity in Goa: a documentary film
Tropical forestry centennial congress: annual letter 2003-2004
Unasylva 1947-2006 (English)
Understanding renewable energy systems
United Arab Emirates 2009: books, films, and online resources
United Nations list of protected areas of 2003
Un-REDD programme: REDD revolution a VNR and a report explaining
Un-REDD programme: what's forest worth? Forest-dependent people and possible effects of redd
Urban environmental issues
US electric power business database & datapak on CD-rom
Vade Mecum: an integrative guide to developmental biology
Valuation aids to accompany: valuation for mergers, buyouts, and restructuring
Vertical shaft brick kiln
Village power '98: scaling up electricity access for sustainable rural development
Water gives life
Water ignites life and hope
Water resources abstracts 1980 - Feb. 2002
Where are oil and gas prices headed?
Wind atlas analysis and application program, release 5.0 (1987-98)
Wind energy: fundamentals, resource analysis, and issued economics
Wind farm
Wind power 1998 by Danish wind turbine manufacturers association
Windfarmer: integrated wind farm design software
Workshop on building digital archive using advanced features of GDSL, 8-10 Jan, 2008
World bank Africa database and Africa development indicators 2006
World cafe: resources for conversation that matters by ISAAC, B
World development indicators 2007
World development report: 1978-2007 by World Bank
World future energy summit 2008
World investment report 2005: transnational corporations and the internalization of R&D
World wetlands day: caring for wetlands an answer to climate change by Ramsar
World wetlands day: upstream downstream by Ramsar
Worldwide petroleum industry outlook (19th Edition: 2003-2007 -Projection To 2012)
Yeast genome

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