TERI in the News

  • Pachauri calls for action, not yet another institute

    Indian Express

    After the IPCC came out with its report blaming human activities for global warming, India announced its intention to set up an institute to develop greener technologies, which would help in containing the problem. But the move fails to impress Dr R K Pachauri, Chairman of IPCC and Director-General of TERI. "Why do we require another institute? We already have the expertise. What we need is to tap on that expertise and start working on a clear roadmap towards harnessing greener technologies," Dr Pachauri said. Dr Pachauri said that he is happy to see theta the government was acting on the problem of climate change, but pointed out that there was still some "inertia in the system".

  • TERI awards certificate of appreciation for Wipro's Environmental Initiatives


    Wipro Technologies, the Global IT Services Division of Wipro Limited (NYSE:WIT) has been awarded a certificate of appreciation by TERI Corporate Environmental Award 2007 for its efforts towards environmental and innovative initiatives amongst corporations with a turnover above Rs. 500 crore.