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  • Dr Pachauri to deliver Dempo memorial lecture

    7 December 2010| DigitalGoa News

    Director-General of TERI, Dr R K Pachauri, will deliver the fourth Vasudeva Dempo memorial lecture on 15 December 2010. Dr Pachauri will speak on the topic "Restoring respect for Nature in Economic Development". The lecture is organized by Vasantrao Dempo Education and Research Foundation.

  • Climate meet: Pachauri warns against delaying mitigation action

    6 December 2010| The Statesman

    As the slow-moving talks on combating climate change enter their final stretch here, top UN scientist Mr R K Pachauri has warned governments against delaying mitigation action, though he remained optimistic about "significant progress" at the ongoing meet. Dr Pachauri He underlined that negotiators had to keep science at the forefront and warned that delaying climate action would keep racketing up the costs.

  • Climate science chief sees huge gaps in research

    3 December 2010| The Financial Express

    From the methane-laden tundra of the far north to the depths of the oceans, world governments need to spend more on cutting-edge research to "get a handle" on how much and how quickly the world will warm in decades to come, says the head of the UN climate science network. There are huge gaps in the effort as far as scientific research is concerned, Dr R K Pachauri, chairman of IPCC, said, pointing to concerns that the Arctic's thawing permafrost is releasing powerful global warming gases, and the oceans might eventually turn from absorbing carbon dioxide to spewing it into the atmosphere.