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  • Time to switch on CFLs

    6 December 2007| The Economic Times

    Elaborating on the advantages of CFL, Mr Saurabh Gupta, TERI, says, "One can save up to 8.21 units per month by replacing an incandescent lamp with CFL. In value terms, one can save up to Rs 25.8 per month (as per tariffs in Delhi) in the monthly bill. CFLs have a lower wattage rating compared to incandescent lamps of the same luminous flux, use less energy and have a longer rated life." While the regular lamps last for 1000 hours, the lifespan of CFLs could extend from 6000 to 8000 hours.

  • Panel endorses transport sector reforms

    6 December 2007| The Hindu Business Line

    Wide-ranging reforms may be seen in the road transport sector with regards to safety, quality of service and state transport bodies in the near future with the Prime Minister's Committee on Infrastructure endorsing the Road Safety Bill and relevant amendments in Motor Vehicle Act and various Acts that rule the State Transport Undertakings. The Ministry had set up a committee headed by Mr S Sundar, Distinguished Fellow, TERI, for a policy on road safety that had recommended setting up of Road Safety Boards at national and state levels, and a dedicated Road Safety Fund from the proceeds of one per cent share of fuel cess.

  • Pachauri hails Australia move

    5 December 2007| The Hindu Business Line

    The Chairman of Nobel ward-wining Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Dr R K Pachauri, has welcomed Australia's move to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, saying it would create 'psychological' pressure on the US to think on the 'same' line.

  • Developed, developing nations at odds over greenhouse gas curbs

    3 December 2007| Mint

    All countries agree that immediate efforts have to be undertaken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but they differ on how to go about this. Ranged on one side are developed countries who argue that developing countries, which have so far been exempt from committing to reduce emissions, must do so now. Developing countries led by India and China, believe that doing so would retard their efforts to catch up with the rest of the world. Dr R K Pachauri, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, said India should "be doing" some things "for sustainable development at a local level but not for global compulsions."

  • How green is your light?

    2 December 2007| The Financial Express

    A survey of 1000 households in Delhi conducted by TERI concluded that if the residential sector decides to replace their bulbs with CFLs, and their tube lights and electromagnetic ballasts with T5 and electronic ballasts, households can save up to 25% in their monthly electricity bills. These savings could be higher if the households have a low air-conditioning requirement.