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  • The solar option: to end kerosene subsidy

    27 December 2005| The Economic Times

    The UNEP project in Karnataka and projects by TERI replace kerosene subsidies with entrepreneurial initiative, short-term assistance and sustainable support.

  • GRC-TERI workshop urges green awakening

    26 December 2005| Arab News

    An environmental workshop in Dubai ended with a call to develop a model of sustainable development that will hold the Gulf Cooperation Council countries in good stead in the future. Organized as part of the "Green Gulf" project, the workshop was jointly hosted by the Dubai-based Gulf Research Center (GRC) and TERI. The project aims to study the state of environment and natural resources in the region, both critical for the Gulf and the world.

  • Good deeds reap rich rewards responsible corporates close the year with a handful of CSR awards

    26 December 2005| The Financial Express

    The TERI Corporate Awards for 2004 went to 13 Indian businesses. The annual award goes to corporate houses for their outstanding achievement in environmental management and social responsibility practices.

  • Going green

    14 December 2005| Hindustan Times

    TERI has been organizing the Green Olympiad examination across the country as well as overseas in association with the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Hero Honda and Kendriya Vidyala Sangathan since 1999.

  • MahaGenco to make foray into wind power

    13 December 2005| The Financial Express

    MahaGenco proposes to make foray into wind power generation. The company, which will soon engage consultant to draw a roadmap, plans to set up 250 mw of wind power project in the state. Mahagenco has roped in TERI to prepare report on carbon trading. The company wants to seek carbon credits from Japan, European Union and the World Bank.

  • A recipe for disaster

    4 December 2005| Hindustan Times

    India is highly vulnerable to the impacts of human-induced climate change in the coming years. Dr R K Pachauri, Chairman of IPCC and Director-General-General of TERI, believes that a "much more focused approach is required to tackle the problem. Awareness needs to pervade through other ministries, down to the common man".

  • Renewable energy group opens secretariat in Delhi

    2 December 2005| The Hindu Business Line

    The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEP) announced the opening of its South Asia Regional Secretariat at the Asian Energy Institute in New Delhi. Dr R K Pachauri, a REEP Governing Board member and Director-General of TERI, said, "Many countries in South Asia have large and pioneering renewable energy and energy efficiency programmes, and India has been one of REEP's priority countries since the inception of its programmes".