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  • TERI-Dell ICT seminar on ecology

    29 November 2011| The Hindu Business Line

    About 20 students from different schools in Hyderabad were listening to educators, IT experts and a forest conservator as they related how ICT could be used to sustain ecology. Launched five years ago with the help of computer maker Dell, the programme is aimed at telling students and teachers how to use ICT (information, communication and technology) to tackle issues related to climate change. TERI and Dell would organize similar seminars in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Chandigarh, Tamil Nadu and Himachal Pradesh. The State-level seminars will culminate into a national-level event scheduled to be held in March in New Delhi.

  • GRIHA rating for new government buildings

    26 November 2011| The New Indian Express (Bangalore edition)

    All new government buildings Karnataka will now have three or four star GRIHA (Green Ratings for Integrated Habitat Assessment) ratings, India's national rating system for green buildings," announced Mr S V Ranganath, chief secretary, Karnataka. Speaking during the inauguration of the Green Building Regional Conference and Exhibition 2011, Innovations in Green Buildings-the GRIHA approach, he expressed his concern over the sprawling urbanisation and constructions which has been a great challenge to the environment.

  • Make green buildings mandatory here: Pachauri

    26 November 2011| The Times of India (Bangalore edition)

    The Karnataka state government should make green buildings mandatory as done by the Pune Municipal Corporation. The suggestion came from Dr R K Pachauri, Director-general of TERI while speaking at the Regional Green Building Conference and Exhibition. Pune has not only made green buildings mandatory but has also made it compulsory to conform to green ratings adopted by TERI. The conference focused on Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) in association with the ministry of renewable energy and TERI. Dr Pachauri brushed aside myths that energy-efficient buildings are a costly affair and said it is all a matter of making the right choice in raw materials. Such buildings only benefit the dwellers in the long run and save money.

  • TERI and ADaRSH organize the 'Regional Conference and Exhibition on Innovations in Green Buildings - The GRIHA approach'

    26 November 2011| Business Newswire India

    TERI in consonance with Association for Development and Research on Sustainable Habitats (ADaRSH) organized the regional conference on green building design - Innovations in Green Buildings: The GRIHA Approach. The objectives of the conference were to showcase advantages of an integrated design process and its impacts on building construction and operation and generate awareness for benefits of designing energy efficient buildings.

  • TERI now equipped with environmental laboratory

    26 November 2011| The Hindu (Bangalore edition)

    TERI now has an environmental laboratory equipped to test a range of parameters to gauge the condition of the environment. Director-General of TERI Dr R K Pachauri, who inaugurated the centre, said that it would support the organisation's in-house research and also assist in the environmental monitoring of Bangalore, a city that is witnessing massive expansion. The lab contains analytical and advanced monitoring equipment to analyze ambient and indoor air quality, water, waste water and soil samples for the presence of heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants.

  • CREDAI joins hands with ADaRSH to promote green buildings in India under the GRIHA Rating System

    24 November 2011| Business Wire India

    In an endeavor to strengthen the green building movement in India and promotion of GRIHA with the members and associates of CREDAI, the Association for Development and Research on Sustainable Habitats (ADaRSH) and Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (CREDAI) signed a memorandum of understanding in New Delhi declaring that both shall cross-market & facilitate wherever appropriate, each other's services to promote and accept the GRIHA Rating system as the reference standard for determining incentives, educating and promoting green buildings in India.

  • 20 schools to work on waste management

    20 November 2011| Waste Management World

    20 schools in Pune will now work on waste management by practising the 4Rs - refuse, reuse, reduce and recycle - in their daily lives. The move comes after SEARCH (sensitization, education and awareness on recycling for a cleaner habitat), a programme initiated by TERI, Delhi has been launched in these schools. The idea is to encourage students and teachers to practice the 4Rs and to make consumption choices that would ensure sustainability in the years to come. At present, this project is being implemented in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Dhaka (Bangladesh).

  • TERI cultural programme

    15 November 2011| The Pioneer

    The TERI University has adopted the theme, "Innovate, Educate and Entertain incorporating" for its annual cultural extravaganza Aahvaan 2011, which was inaugurated by Prof Bakshi Bhavik, Vice Chancellor, TERI University. It is a three day long festival seeing participation from over 2000 students across 25 colleges.

  • Hansraj College wins inaugural TerraGreen Quiz at the TERI University Fest

    11 November 2011| Business Wire India

    Teams from Hansraj College, New Delhi and TERI University, New Delhi were the big winners at the first ever TerraGreen Quiz, held as part of Aahvaan-the TERI University annual cultural festival. Open to colleges across NCR and India, the quiz saw participation from a number of other Delhi colleges.

  • Tax reduction for green buildings on the cards

    3 November 2011| IBN Live

    As part of generating a green culture in the state, Thiruvananathapuram PWD has decided to implement a common rating system for residential and commercial buildings. According to a draft policy on green building, the PWD has also decided to give tax reduction to various categories of green buildings. The government has also decided to adopt Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) rating with some modifications.