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  • Popularizing biomass technologies

    30 October 2007| The Hindu

    An exhibition of thermal gassifiers, improved ovens, stoves and water boilers will be held at the National Institute of Engineering in Mysore on 31 October 2007. A range of thermal gassifiers, improved ovens, stoves and water boilers developed through modern biomass technologies will be on display at the exhibition, which will be part of the awareness programme on "Modern Biomass Technologies". Organized by the Centre for Appropriate Rural Technologies, the NIE, and TERI, Bangalore, the programme seeks to draw the attention of domestic users, hotels, hostels, institutions, small process industries, canteens, and self-help groups.

  • Climate change could hit business the most: ET Awards for Corporate Excellence

    29 October 2007| The Economic Times

    While the Harvard Dons and India Inc captains were warming up to the idea of globalisation, Dr R K Pachauri turned up the heat on everyone assembled to address climate change. Dr Pachauri, the chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which recently won the Nobel Peace Prize along with Mr Al Gore, made a speech that rattled virtually everyone present, and clearly put climate change as one of the biggest disruptions to business in the years to come.

  • Air pollution claims 500,000 lives every year

    27 October 2007| Deccan Herald

    Every year, air pollution causes 5,00,000 premature deaths in south-east Asia, which has two of the worlds fastest growing economies India and China. Though indoor air pollution has emerged as a major global threat contributing significantly to fatal heart diseases, cancer and respiratory infections, the menace is most severe in Africa and South East Asia, says United Nations Environment Programme's new Global Environment Outlook report, which was released recently. "We have reached a point where the damage and danger for unsustainable development is happening now. Its no longer in the future," said the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change chairman Dr R K Pachauri after releasing the report.

  • IPCC warns on India nuclear deal

    26 October 2007| Financial Times

    India's progress is being halted by opponents of a landmark nuclear deal with the US that could significantly boost a sector vital to the country's future, according to the head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. "India has to expand its fuel choices," said Dr R K Pachauri, chairman of the IPCC, which this month shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Mr Al Gore, former US vice-president.

  • New IGNOU chair focus on action education

    25 October 2007| The Times of India

    The new chair for Sustainable Development in Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) would undertake action education in sustainable development of five major ecosystems in the country, in order to build training material based on field studies. A national Core Committee for the Chair for Sustainable development has been constituted which consists of representatives from organizations like Planning Commission and TERI.

  • The idea of India Inc: great minds

    25 October 2007| The Economic Times

    Dr R K Pachauri, Chairman of IPCC and Director-General of TERI, and Mr Sunil Khilnani, professor at John Hopkins University and author of The Idea of India, will be key speakers at the ET Awards for Corporate Excellence 2007

  • Dutch Queen meets Nobel laureate Pachauri

    25 October 2007| Yahoo News

    Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands met Dr R K Pachauri, the head of the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which won the Nobel Peace Prize. They met during the queen's visit to TERI.

  • Heat on cricket pitch warms this climate change Laureate

    24 October 2007| The Indian Express

    He heads the global panel that just won the Nobel for raising the heat on global warming but over the years Dr R K Pachauri has quietly been making a mark in a different field, with a different team - Delhi's corporate cricket league, as an all-rounder for TERI which he heads.

  • TERI develops power pack to provide uninterrupted power supply

    22 October 2007| Web India 123

    TERI, in association with ePowerSolution India, has developed a Hybrid Universal Solar Power Pack (HUSPP). The HUSPP uses grid electricity as well as solar energy to charge batteries and provide reliable power for rural applications, specifically for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) kiosks. It has been developed with an objective to provide clean and reliable power solutions to a variety of rural applications.

  • Manmohan greets Pachauri

    20 October 2007| The Hindu

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has congratulated Dr R K Pachauri, chairman of the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that won this year's Nobel Peace Prize along with the former U.S. Vice-President, Mr Al Gore. In his message, the Prime Minister said that it was a historic moment for Dr Pachauri and India as never before had a United Nations body headed by an Indian been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.