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  • As a new age bank we need to make society more equitable

    30 October 2005| The Financial Express

    As a member of TERI-BCSD,India (the local chapter of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Switzerland), Yes Bank, along with Dupont and Usha Martin, is spearheading a BCSD India/TERI policy guideline and financial feasibility study on watershed management.

  • Skies falling on our heads

    29 October 2005| Hindustan Times

    At a recent talk on 'Climate Change: Implications for Indian Society', Dr R K Pachauri, Chairman, IPCC, and Director-General of TERI said there would always be a possibility of floods, typhoons and droughts being frequent in Asia.

  • Fuelling a new future

    23 October 2005| The Times of India

    "The country has a lot of wasteland and is well-equipped to produce jatropha in large quantities," says Dr R K Pachauri, Director-General of TERI.

  • Students take pledge to save environment

    23 October 2005| Deccan Herald

    At the conclusion of the one-year environment awareness programme 'Himalaya and You' of Himalaya Herbal Healthcare implemented in association with TERI, in Bangalore, the message was clear: Something should be done to save further degradation of the environment.

  • BP-Toyota-TERI mull mega jatropha project

    21 October 2005| The Economic Times

    Global oil major BP, auto giant Toyota, and TERI have kicked off discussions to launch a mega biofuel project covering 16,000 hectares in jatropha farming in Andhra Pradesh.

  • Indian tech displayed at World Forum

    19 October 2005| Deccan Herald

    TERI, CSE and CleanTech Foundation from New Delhi as well as the Pondicherry-based Auroville were invited by the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation, in collaboration with UN agencies to offer their expertise to an international audience.

  • Biofuel from next year

    18 October 2005| Hindustan Times

    Dr R K Pachauri, Director-General of TERI, said that the initial cost of production of biodiesel would be upwards of Rs 23 a litre and over time it would be bought down to Rs 16-18 a litre.

  • Involve panchayats in biofuel programme

    18 October 2005| The Hindu Business Line

    The Union Petroleum Minister, Mr Mani Shankar Aiyar, said that the successful implementation of biofuel programme depends on four Ps— public-private-panchayat-partnership. Inaugurating an international conference on 'Bio fuels 2012 - Vision to Reality' organized by TERI, the Minister said the success of the plan to dope diesel with non-edible oil extracted from plants such as Jatropha so as to cut imports, depends on the involvement of local bodies in the programme.

  • MahaGenco ropes in TERI

    17 October 2005| The Financial Express

    The Maharashtra State Power Generation Co has roped in TERI to prepare a roadmap for seeking carbon credit from the World Bank and Japan Carbon Fund.

  • 14 new veggie varieties approved for limited trial

    17 October 2005| The Financial Express

    Fourteen transgenic food crops have been approved for contained and limited field trials in the country. The trials are being conducted by both public and private sector institutions, according to a recent document prepared by the department of biotechnology. Transgenic varieties of mustard are developed by IARI, NRCWS, Jabalpur, TERI, and UDSC.