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  • Four Indian NGOs shortlisted for Alcan Prize

    27 September 2006| Hindustan Times

    Four Indian NGOs are among the 10 organizations shortlisted for the $1 million Alcan Prize for Sustainability 2006, Alcan Inc. and the Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) announced. The four Indian NGOs are The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), Naandi Foundation, The Barefoot College and International Development Enterprises (IDE). The Canada-headquartered global leader in aluminium and packaging, Alcan, created the Alcan Prize for Sustainability in 2004 to recognize outstanding contributions to the goal of economic, environmental, and social sustainability by not-for-profit, non-governmental and civil society organizations. To ensure credibility and objectivity, Alcan engaged the IBLF to manage the Alcan Prize for Sustainability

  • Finding new sources of energy

    23 September 2006| Central Chronicle

    TERI has developed a high-rate digester for fibrous and semisolid municipal waste. Described as TEAM (TERI Enhanced Acidification and Methanation) process, the benefits, apart from several, includes production of good quality biogas, which can be used for power generation or thermal application like cooking or production of processed steam. The use of this technology to Indian municipal solid waste is still in its developmental stage. But, once a commercially proven technology is established, it will go a long way in dealing with energy problems in India.

  • Home may be where the ill health is

    23 September 2006| DNA

    Home may be where the heart is, but it is increasingly also where the illness is. Mr KV Santhosh Ragavan, TERI, warns against the accumulation of carbon monoxide within the house due to poor ventilation. "Combustion of oil, gas, kerosene, coal, wood, and tobacco products are responsible for this," he says, adding, "It can cause a variety of problems from fatigue, nausea and headaches, to chest pain and impaired vision. It can be fatal."

  • Taking the lead

    22 September 2006| The Economic Times

    From the art of land doctoring to the science of land health, India Inc is taking baby steps towards a paradigm shift in construction. Chrome-and-glass sermons are still in vogue for the million-and billion-dollar clubs, but there is a growing realisation that Green Buildings - lit by natural light, cooled by the most efficient technologies, and serviced by recycled water and waste and harvested rainwater - may offer much more than that a fashionable environ-friendly tag. Green Buildings also suggest lower overhead costs, greater employee productivity and a good reputation. "Energy saved by such buildings can go up to 50%," says Ms Mili Majumdar, fellow, TERI, New Delhi

  • India-US strategic partnership has 'phenomenal' scope: Experts

    19 September 2006| Daily India

    The Task Force on Global Strategic Developments constituted by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has found that the convergence of interests between the United States and India for strategic collaboration is 'phenomenal'. The report of the task force, headed by strategic affairs analyst Dr K. Subrahmanyam, has dealt extensively with the nature of India-US partnership and what to expect from the tactical collaboration between the two countries. The members of the task force include Prof. P. Rama Rao, ex-chief of Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Dr R K Pachauri, Director General of TERI, Dr Arvind Virmani, Director, ICRIER, Mr Tarun Das, former DG, Confederation of Indian Industry, Air Marshal (retd) Vinod Patney, Dr M S Ananth, director, IIT-Madras, Dr Amitabh Mattoo, vice-chancellor of Jammu University, and Mr Uday Bhaskar, Deputy DG, Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses.

  • Drop in illegal felling and smuggling of sandalwood trees

    19 September 2006| The Hindu

    Illegal felling and smuggling of sandalwood trees in Marayur forest in Idukki in Kerala have come down owing to a series of steps taken by the government, Kerala's minister for forest Mr Benoy Viswom has said. Speaking at a seminar on 'Deforestation in Kerala,' organized by the BBC World Service Trust and TERI as part of EU-India Economic Cross Cultural Programme, he said the rate of felling of sandalwood trees had come down to .2 level. "We are not satisfied with that and wants to make it zero level. Despite the vigil, we lost one sandalwood tree a couple of days ago," he added.

  • Media's role in nature conservation lauded

    19 September 2006| The New Indian Express

    Kerala's minister for forest Mr Benoy Viswom lauded the media for its role in the conservation of nature. The minister was speaking at a seminar on deforestation in the state, jointly organized by TERI and BBC World Service Trust, as part of a nation-wide EU India Economic Cross Cultural Programme. TERI also released a report which urged the state government to take immediate action to restore the dwindling forest cover in the state, which causes a wide range of problems, including a loss of habitat for animals and plants, and man-animal conflict.

  • Goa CM inaugurates fertilizer factory at Bicholim

    17 September 2006| Herald

    Stressing the importance of organic farming to boost Goa's economy, Chief Minister Mr Pratapsing Rane emphasized the need to offer subsidies to farmers to propel the primary sector. The chief minister was addressing the inaugural function of the Cosme Bio-Tech Pvt Ltd bio-fertilizer plant at Vathadev Bicholim. The plant will produce 'Mycorrhiz', which is expected to increase the yield of the plant. Director of Biotechnology and Management of Bioresources Division, TERI, Dr Alok Adholeya and Advisor to the Department of Biotech Dr Raghu Raman Sinha were also present on the occasion.

  • Emission bill passage applauded: UN applauds state's emission bill passage

    16 September 2006| Contra Costa Times

    California's recent passage of a bill to curb emissions of carbon dioxide drew praise from the head of the United Nations' climate change assessment panel, who said the move will have great influence. "Clearly this will have a profound effect on the position of the federal government," said Dr R K Pachauri, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. "And I would say even before that, perhaps it will have an effect on other states in the US. I wouldn't be surprised if in the next year or two you see other states following similar actions.

  • Comprehensive road safety Act may soon get green light

    13 September 2006| The Financial Express

    The ministry of road transport and highways is planning a major overhaul of road safety measures as well as a comprehensive road safety Act. The proposed Act will deal with the Constitution and structural organization of the national road safety board. It will set up a dedicated road safety fund as well, which will be used for creating better safety measures. The ministry has constituted an 18-member committee, led by Mr S Sunder, TERI, to study the scope of such an Act.