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  • Roadmap for cutting fuel subsidies

    29 August 2012| The Tribune

    The Geneva-based, Global Subsidies Initiative in partnership with the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy and TERI has prescribed a roadmap for reducing fuel subsidies. The report says the plan should be implemented in stages, so as to reduce price shocks to the economy and consumers. It adds a communication plan that aims to raise awareness about costs and benefits of subsidies and informs the public about how and when the reform plan will be implemented can help overcome some of the political barriers to reform.

  • We can eradicate energy poverty in India by 2020, says Tulsi Tanti in TERI University address

    27 August 2012| Sustainability Outlook

    Suzlon Group Chairman Mr Tulsi Tanti in a speech at TERI University on the occasion of Earth Day, highlighted energy poverty as the greatest challenge facing India today. Mr Tanti said that with increasing population and drive to bring better living standards to all - the most crucial enabler for India is energy. Each Indian must have access to safe, secure and affordable energy supplies - this is a fundamental right. It is a sad fact that even today approximately 400 million Indians do not have regular access to power. However, this is not an insurmountable challenge. With the right policies, investment and public-private partnership models, we can bring energy poverty to an end by 2020. For this to happen we must all - government, industry and citizens - must make a sustainable energy mix an immediate and urgent priority.

  • TERI begins study on pre-feasibility study for water supply

    25 August 2012| The Hindu

    Members of a team from TERI, New Delhi, have formally begun their work on pre-feasibility study on water supply in Visakhapatnam for tapping various available resources and for improved distribution. TERI has taken up the pre-feasibility study following a MoU between Cities Development Initiative Asia and GVMC with the former supporting the pre-feasibility study.

  • Satisfying India’s thirst for power could be nation’s biggest challenge

    23 August 2012| Washington Post

    Like China two decades ago and the United States in 1950, India stands on the cusp of transformational economic and social change, a jumping-off point at which the demand for electricity is about to explode. Dr R K Pachauri, Director-General of TERI and Chairman of IPCC, forecasts that if India continues on its path of “business as usual,” it will have to import unimaginable, and unfeasible, amounts of coal and oil in two decades

  • Ethical business leadership crucial for sustainable growth, says India’s Corporate Affairs Minister

    22 August 2012| India Education Diary

    Seeking to generate debate on sustainable development, TERI hosted the 11th Darbari Seth Memorial Lecture on “Sustainable Futures: Imperatives for Managing the Social Agenda” in New Delhi. Presiding over the event, Dr Veerappa Moily, the Honourable Minister for Power and Corporate Affairs, expressed concern on the growing mass consumption of fossil fuels in India and called for quality-oriented research on clean and renewable energy sources. The lecture was delivered by Dr Bhaskar Chatterjee, Director-General and CEO, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, who applauded TERI’s effort for playing a dynamic role in generating consciousness on the impact of climate change and sustainable development.

  • Government must explore new subsidy delivery mechanism

    21 August 2012| Business Standard

    The government should explore new technology-aided options to improve the mechanism of subsidy delivery and to ensure the subsidies reach the intended beneficiaries, according to a TERI report prepared for International Institute for Sustainable Development. Such measures would also curb inefficient and illegal usage of highly subsidized fuel. The report revisits and reviews the existing mechanism of subsidy delivery through the Public Distribution System and examines the possibility of using cash transfers as an option for fossil fuel subsidy reform.

  • Go beyond textbooks for knowledge, says Pachauri

    6 August 2012| The Times of India

    Dr R K Pachauri, Director-General, TERI, has urged students of BITS Pilani KK Birla Goa Campus to dedicate themselves to acquire knowledge beyond what is taught in textbooks and classrooms. Dr Pachauri was delivering his address as the chief guest at the second convocation for graduating students of BITS Pilani.