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  • Unfair to ask India to cut emissions: Pachauri

    29 August 2007| The Hindu

    "It would be unfair to expect India to cut down on emissions," Dr R K Pachauri, chairman of Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change and Director-General of TERI has said. Dr Pachauri said India was a developing nation and greenhouse gas emissions were expected to rise as it marches on the path of progress. However, Dr Pachauri favoured judicious use of energy resources and pitched for adoption on energy efficient development plans.

  • Govt, TERI hand over medicinal plants to RWAs in herbal initiative

    29 August 2007| Hindustan Times

    The Delhi Government along with TERI and National Medical Plants Board (NMPB), presented herbal plants to Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) for distribution. The plants have been selected so that they require minimal space and have great medicinal value. In the first phase, the herbal plants will be distributed to 100-150 RWAs of south and south-west Delhi by TERI at a nominal cost.

  • TERI launches project to spread awareness about herbal plants

    29 August 2007| The Indian Express

    With an eye on spreading awareness in Delhi about the use of herbal plants for treating ailments and to spread greenery, TERI, with the support of National Medical Plant board (NMPB), launched the Home Herbal Garden project. The project plans to encourage residents of the city to grow medicinal plants such as tulsi, mint, lemon grass, aloe vera within their homes, apartment complexes and vacant lots. In the first phase, TERI plans to distribute medicinal plants in around 150 RWAs in south and southwest districts of Delhi.

  • Now, grow herbal medicine in your backyard

    28 August 2007| The Times of India

    The National Medicinal Plants Board along with the health ministry and TERI are launching a unique `Home Herbal Gardens’ project which will encourage Delhiites to cultivate their own herbal gardens.

  • Many miles to go for bio-fuel

    27 August 2007| The Financial Express

    A study by TERI on wasteland identification defined the procedures for the identification of land within forest wastelands and others in consultation with states for jatropha plantation. Six out of nine categories of wastelands were identified as potential areas for jatropha plantation. According to climatic conditions and potentiality for plantation, 26 states were selected. Some 40 million hectare for potential jatropha plantation was identified.

  • TERI finds a cure for bollworm pests

    27 August 2007| The Financial Express

    In a breakthrough research, TERI has developed a plant-extract based bio-pesticide formulation 'Bollcure', against cotton bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera), a common larvae affecting cotton crop yield. It is a major insect pest of many crop species and attacks many economically important crops like cotton, pigeonpea, chickpea, tomato, and sunflower. TERI has initiated dialogues with a few companies to market this product and has also applied for patent rights.

  • Catch a falling sunbeam!

    26 August 2007| The Economic Times

    Estimates by TERI in the mid-80s show that the saving in energy consumption could be as much as 5% of peak load demand. In the two decades since, peak load demand has increased considerably, thanks to rising income levels and use of appliances like air-conditioners so the saving is bound to be even more. Dr R K Pachauri, Director-General, TERI, suggests the introduction of two time zones for the country, on the grounds that there's a difference of approximately one hour between sunrise in the east and west during both the summer and winter months. So instead of having one Indian Standard Time (IST) we could have two time zones that better reflect solar timings. These two zones could then have their own summer and winter timings to maximize the benefit of daylight saving time (DST).

  • Jatropha plant gains steam in global race for biofuels

    24 August 2007| The Wall Street Journal

    The Indian government started getting excited about jatropha a decade ago. Officials were already worried about India's energy security and asked TERI to look into jatropha's potential as a fuel source. Researchers at TERI studied the plant and were encouraged. As TERI made progress, other Indian leaders jumped on the bandwagon

  • Students to act as solar energy inspectors: Sheila

    23 August 2007| The Hindu

    Speaking at Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Divas 2007 celebrations by TERI and the union ministry of new and renewable energy sources to mark the birth anniversary of the former Prime Minister, the chief minister of Delhi, Ms Sheila Dikshit said that the Delhi Government, which has been giving grants of Rs 6000 for purchase of solar water heater to individuals to promote alternative source of energy, would now be constituting teams of school children and energy conservators to inspect hotels and other buildings where installation of solar energy equipment has been made compulsory.

  • Rajiv Gandhi awards for energy awareness

    23 August 2007| The Asian Age

    Delhi's chief minister Ms Sheila Dikshit has called upon the people to join hands to preserve national resources for future generation requirements and make use of new and renewable sources of energy. Ms Dikshit was speaking at the Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Divas 2007 celebrations, jointly organized by TERI and the union ministry of new and renewable energy sources.