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  • JCB India hosts seminar on waste management

    31 July 2007| MERI News

    JCB India Ltd., an industry leader in construction and mining equipment, is now leading the way for solid waste management in India. Kicking off the campaign, JCB hosted in Mumbai the first of four Seminars addressing the issue, focusing on policy planning and strategy, management of municipal solid waste & treatment, solid waste management, and operable alternative methods. The seminar is an initiative of The Global Forum for Disaster Reduction, and is organized by JCB India Ltd. and New Media. The National Solid Waste Association of India and TERI are co-organizers of the event.

  • Climate panel to meet in August; help frame policy

    27 July 2007| Mint

    India will move a little closer to deciding its stance on climate change ahead of United Nations-sponsored discussions this December, when an expert scientific committee meets on 6 August. At the August meeting, the committee, chaired by Dr R Chidambaram, principal scientific adviser to the Government of India, will discuss the country's vulnerability to climate change, identify research areas to assess the impact of human-induced climate change and suggest measures to mitigate this. Apart from Dr Chidambaram, the committee's members are: Dr R K Pachauri, chairman, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; Dr N H Ravindranath, chairman, Centre for Sustainable Technology, Indian Institute of Science; Dr A K Gosain, professor, IIT-New Delhi; Dr Kanchan Chopra, professor, Institute of Economic Growth; Dr Anand Patwardhan, professor, IIT-Mumbai; Dr R Sukumar, professor, Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISc; Dr Ligia Noronha, senior fellow, TERI; and Dr S K Sikka, scientific secretary, office of the principal scientific adviser.

  • Climate change may hit wheat

    27 July 2007| Hindustan Times

    The Ministry of Environment and Forests estimates that warming will be "relatively greater in winter and post-monsoon seasons." The ministry said that rainfall would increase by 15-20% with high regional variability. Dr R K Pachauri, Chairman of IPCC and Director-General of TERI agreed with the government's view saying precipitation will increase but certain areas could witness heavy downpour and others almost no rainfall.

  • Elementary bhagidari

    25 July 2007| Hindustan Times

    An important part of Delhi's academic calendar, the Green Olympiad organized by TERI, has managed to create raised levels of environmental awareness in Delhi’s school going children. Stretching across all states and union territories in the country, the year 2006 saw participation from over 60,795 students from 1165 schools across the country and abroad.

  • TERI initiates project

    25 July 2007| Hindustan Times

    TERI has initiated the Herbal project in Delhi and other NCR regions to fill the critical void in herbal resource development and extension activities to benefit both urban and rural population.

  • Drive to make industrialists climate savvy

    23 July 2007| DNA

    Considering the poor awareness level among industrialists in the country about the threats and challenges posed by climate change, TERI is launching a drive to educate them on the subject. The awareness drive includes a five-day programme to be held in Gurgaon near Delhi at the end of August. This is likely to be followed by another in Mumbai. Titled "Environmental challenges in industry: strategies for sustainability", the session in Gurgaon aims at "apprising the management teams of Indian industry about the major challenges being faced by the industry and international/national approaches being adopted to achieve sustainability".

  • CM promises committee on global warming

    17 July 2007| Indian Express

    At a presentation by noted environmentalist Dr R K Pachauri on the threat of global warming and how West Bengal is also going to suffer because of this, chief minister Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee decided to constitute a committee to study the effect of global warming and climate change on West Bengal and what can be done to tackle it.

  • TERI initiates Herbal Project for Communities; plans to extend it nationwide

    17 July 2007| India E-news

    With a focus on biodiversity and human well-being, TERI, has initiated a Herbal Project in the Delhi-NCR area to fill the critical void in the area of herbal resource development and extension activities to benefit both the urban and rural people in the vicinity

  • PM gets cracking on climate

    14 July 2007| Deccan Herald

    Faced with global pressure to take action on the climate change front, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has asked his council on climate change to prepare a national programme charting the future course. A three-member sub-committee, comprising Principal Scientific Advisor to the Prime Minister Dr R Chidambaram, chairman of the UN Inter-Governmental panel on Climate Change Dr R K Pachauri and former union environment secretary Dr Pradipto Ghosh, will submit the report by November. The council will act as a think tank to decide on India's future course of action after 2012 when the Kyoto Protocol expires. Currently there are pressures on India, China and Brazil for making firm emission-reduction commitments.

  • National report on climate change necessary: PM

    14 July 2007| New Kerala

    Taking the first step towards developing a national plan to tackle the effects of global warming and cut back greenhouse gas emissions, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Friday said the government would convert six million hectares of degraded forest land into green areas. A major afforestation programme called 'Green India', which will kick off on Independence Day, was announced by Dr Manmohan Singh at the first meeting of the National Council on Climate Change set up last month. Dr R K Pachauri, chairperson of TERI and a member of the council, has said that India was completely unprepared for the effects of climate change that could lead to widespread flooding and drought.