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  • Uttarakhand: TERI, Ganga Action Parivar to prepare green report

    28 June 2013| The Economic Times

    TERI and Ganga Action Parivar have come together to prepare a report for green development in Uttarakhand with the help of foreign experts who have earlier worked in rebuilding tsunami-affected areas in Japan.

  • Green Homes benefit consumers and developers: Mili Majumdar

    11 June 2013| MagicBricks.com

    In an interview with MagicBricks.com, Ms Mili Majumdar, Director, Sustainable Habitat Division, TERI, talks about the concept of green homes and its benefits.

  • Air quality falling in metros in last five years: TERI study

    5 June 2013| The New Indian Express

    Fuelled by massive rise in number of vehicles, the air quality in six metros in the country has worsened in the last five years. The mushrooming of industries has been labelled as the second highest contributor to the deteriorating air pollution, according to the Environmental Survey 2013. The survey was conducted by TERI across six cities -- Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai. As part of the survey, Dr R K Pachauri-led team interviewed over 4000 people across these cities to gauge their perception of the environmental issues. While majority of the respondents saw the decline in key issues such as air, water and green cover, they said it was the government's responsibility to take remedial measures.

  • People don't feel responsible for environment: TERI survey

    4 June 2013| The Hindustan Times

    The attitude and perceptions of Delhiites towards the city's environment were reflected in an 'Environmental Survey 2013' released by TERI on 03 June 2013. The survey was aimed at gauging people's perception, behaviour and awareness and opinions about environmental issues. Along with Delhi - which had 1,114 respondents - the survey was also carried out in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. While releasing the survey, Dr R K Pachauri, TERI's Director General, said: 'Our purpose is to see that issues related to environment and development get embedded in the consciousness of the people. Of course, we are creating awareness on the major changes required to ensure we are moving on the path of sustainable development.

  • Unable to cook their dal

    4 June 2013| The Hindu

    Mamana, which is located somewhere between the towns of Rath and Sarila in Uttar Pradesh with a population of 4,387 is clearly a 'water crisis' village with scarce potable water. This is because every one of its 40 hand pumps yields only brackish water. According to data put out by the Delhi-based TERI, 162,000 villages in India face the problem of brackish or contaminated water and a scarcity of fresh water. Cooking dal in this water drawn from the pump would be a disaster as they will remain uncooked and separated even after an hour of cooking. Hardness in water comes from heavy metals and minerals that have made their way into the water from sedimentary rocks, seepage or farm runoff. Substances like calcium and magnesium, emerging from limestone and chalk deposits found in soils also have a presence in the water.