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  • Panel to discuss open access to power

    30 June 2008| The Indian Express

    The high-powered State Advisory Committee, reconstituted by the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) in April, will meet to discuss, among other things, the policy on open access in the power sector. Besides officers from the DERC, the SAC consist of various stakeholders such as members from DMRC, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Sources and TERI.

  • The rise of the chief sustainability officer

    30 June 2008| The Financial Express

    The emergence of the chief sustainability officer indicates the integration of sustainability at companies. Says Ms Annapurna Vancheswaran, director of sustainable development outreach at TERI, “The mere fact that companies are taking serious note of this function and position also means that they can’t be accused of greenwash. This is evident from the reporting structure of a sustainability manager in an organization.”

  • TERI moots green steps

    29 June 2008| The Times of India

    To make Hyderabad eco-friendly, TERI has suggested a slew of measures to be followed by builders, architects and civic bodies. At a stakeholders' consultation workshop, the draft Green Building Regulation Guidelines of Hyderabad Urban Development Authority was presented by TERI.

  • Yamuna plan website launched

    28 June 2008| The Tribune

    The website of Yamuna Action Plan (YAP) II was launched recently. The MCD is carrying out the work to clean the river. In the first phase, YAP – I, the MCD identified the points that pollute the river. Under the YAP – II the MCD has entrusted the work to various agencies –Indian Environment Society, TERI, Patheya, Sycom Projects Consultants Private Limited and Saraswati Devi Memorial Trust.

  • Khanduri for people oriented development

    20 June 2008| Sahara Samay

    There is a need for a people friendly and rural oriented model of development, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Mr B C Khanduri said. While inaugurating a two-day seminar Uttarakhand Sustainable Development Summit, organized by the government of Uttarakhand and TERI, Mr Khanduri said the state needs a model of development that does not disrupt the life and livelihood of the rural population, but helps them grow in every aspect.

  • Khanduri calls for sustainable development and natural resource management for Uttarakhand

    19 June 2008| Web India 123

    Urging the state administration, policy-makers and stakeholders to draft a proper definition of sustainable development for the state of Uttarakhand, the Chief Minister Major General B C Khanduri stressed for a need to shoulder with masses and build awareness amongst them in areas of natural resources protection and overall development. He was talking at the first ever Uttarakhand Sustainable Development Summit 2008 organized by the Government of Uttarakhand and TERI in Dehradun.

  • Thumbs up to green earth

    18 June 2008| Mid day

    Protecting the environment was one of the major concerns addressed at a week-long celebration, held at Standard Chartered banks across India. The Bank received a special acknowledgement from Noble Laureate Dr R K Pachauri, Director-General, TERI, for its efforts.

  • 7 more gasifier crematoria to come up

    17 June 2008| The Hindu, Chennai edition

    The Chennai Corporation proposes to install gasifier crematoria in seven of the cremation grounds in the city. Reports from research organization TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) show that gasifier crematoria are more “resource-efficient”. According to a study by the TERI, electric crematoria chambers require to be heated to a temperature of 700 degree Celsius, which has to be maintained till it is put to use. This takes nearly 10 hours. For cremation, the required temperature is 800 degree Celsius, which has to be maintained over an hour. On the other hand, gasifier crematoria use low-cost firewood as fuel. Wood chips are fed into the gasifier and the gas produced is used to light the furnace in the chamber. As a gasifier burns gas produced from wood instead of burning wood directly, it is not smoky.

  • Government of Uttarakhand and TERI to organize the first ever Uttarakhand Sustainable Development Summit in Dehradun

    17 June 2008| Business Wire

    The Government of Uttarakhand is partnering with TERI in organizing a major state-level event - titled the Uttarakhand Sustainable Development Summit (USDS) at ICFRE, Dehradun from 19-20 June 2008. The keynote speaker at the summit will be Dr R K Pachauri, Director-General of TERI and Chair of Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

  • Hybrid focus: Toyota to make lithium-ion batteries

    16 June 2008| The Times of India

    Revving up the race for manufacturing hybrid vehicles on a mass scale that could reduce dependency on depleting oil resources and also address environmental concerns, Toyota Motor Corporation has announced that it plans to begin manufacturing lithium-ion batteries by next year for a plug-in hybrid vehicle to be launched in 2010. This was announced at a Toyota environmental forum that was kicked off by an address by Dr R K Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.