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  • PMO discusses climate change

    12 June 2007| Down to Earth

    Climate change was the main item of discussion in a meeting convened by the prime minister's office. The May 16 meet focussed on maintaining the current economic growth while cutting down on greenhouse gases. "The meeting took stock of the predicted effects of climate change on India and the country's energy and growth situation," said Mr Sanjay Baru, media advisor to the prime minister. Mr Baru said that the chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Dr R K Pachauri, has been asked to prepare a report on the challenges that India faces to maintain its growth rate in an ecologically sustainable manner.

  • TERI's knowledge centre - a boon at the tougher terrains

    12 June 2007| India PRwire.com

    TERI's development resource centre at Supi, near Mukteshwar in Uttaranchal called TRISHA (TERI's Research Initiative at Supi for Himalayan Advancement) is an endeavor to create a platform in the high terrains of India which can be used as means for communication, education, sharing local knowledge, improving economies, and incorporating best practices for development.

  • TERI campus in Assam likely

    11 June 2007| Assam Tribune

    In an encouraging development, renowned TERI University is likely to set up a campus in Assam. This was disclosed by Chief Minister of the state, Mr Tarun Gogoi. TERI University was established to provide for institution and training in Energy Studies, biosciences, environmental studies, public policy and other such branches of learning.

  • Arya Vaidya Sala bags TERI award

    11 June 2007| The Hindu

    Vaidyaratnam P S Varier's Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakkal, has won this year's corporate social responsibility award instituted by TERI. Arya Vaidya Sala has become the first organization in the State to win this award. A jury headed by J.S. Varma, former Chief Justice of Supreme Court and former chairman of the Human Rights Commission, chose Arya Vaidya Sala for the award especially for running a charitable hospital.

  • TERI campus in Assam likely

    11 June 2007| Assam Tribune

    In an encouraging development, renowned TERI University is likely to set up a campus in Assam. This was disclosed by Chief Minister, Mr Tarun Gogoi. The Chief Minister said he received a positive indication from TERI at a meeting with Vice Chancellor of TERI University, Dr Vibha Dhawan.

  • PM sets up Green group to address climate concerns

    6 June 2007| The Indian Express

    With climate change being an area of concern, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has set up a high-level advisory group to deal with the issue. This was announced to coincide with World Environment Day. The advisory group will comprise government representatives including the Minister of External Affairs, Finance, Environment and Forests, Agriculture, Water Resources and Science & Technology. The Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission and the Principal Scientific Advisor to the Prime Minister would also be part of the group. The non-government members would include TERI Director-General Dr R K Pachauri, Dr Prodipto Ghosh, Mr Nitin Desai, Ms Sunita Narain and Mr Ratan Tata, among others.

  • Council on climate change constituted

    6 June 2007| The Hindu

    The Government announced the constitution of a high-level advisory group on climate change. The Prime Minister's Council on Climate Change will coordinate National action plans for assessment, adaptation and mitigation of climate change. It will advise the Government on pro-active measures that can be taken by India to deal with the challenge of climate change. It will also facilitate inter-ministerial coordination and guide policy in relevant areas. The official members of the Council are Ministers for External Affairs, Finance, Environment and Forests, Agriculture, Water Resources, and Science and Technology, besides Mr Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairperson of Planning Commission; Dr R Chidambaram, Principal Scientific Advisor to the Prime Minister; Dr V Krishnamurthy, chairperson National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council; Dr C Rangarajan, chairperson Economic Advisory Council; Dr Ajay Mathur, chairperson Bureau of Energy Efficiency; the Foreign Secretary; the Union Environment and Forests Secretary and the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister who would be the convenor of the Council. The non-official members of the Council are Dr R K Pachauri, Director-General, TERI; Dr Prodipto Ghosh; Ms Sunita Narain; Dr Chandrakshekhar Dasgupta; Mr Ratan Tata; Mr Raj Chengappa, Executive Editor, India Today and Mr R Ramachandran, Science Editor, Frontline.

  • Industries wake up to recycling water

    5 June 2007| Business Standard

    The rising pressure on water resources and its costs have driven many firms to adopt recycling of water to combat scarcity. At a seminar, Water scenarios for Indian Business, organized by the Bombay Chambers of Commerce and Industry and TERI-BCSD India, representatives from units from several sectors agreed that industries should stop taking the availability of water for granted as India is already under the category of a water-stress zone. Mr Ashok Jaitly, Distinguished Fellow, TERI, pointed out that of the 6000 cubic metre per capita per year consumption of water in 1947, we have reached the 3000 mark in 1997, which is the water-stress zone and we are heading for the water-scare category in 50 years at 1100 mark if water is not managed properly.

  • Krishna calls for evolving water management policy

    5 June 2007| New Kerala

    Speaking at a workshop on "Water Scenario for Indian Business" organized on the occasion of World Environment Day, Maharashtra governor Mr Krishna stressed the management of water resources in India is crucially important to sustain the needs of one billion people. Mr Ashok Jaitly, Distinguished Fellow, TERI, while delivering the keynote address emphasized that water management is a composite area with linkages to various sectors of Indian economy including the agricultural, industrial, domestic and household, power, environment, fisheries, and transportation sectors.

  • Can we keep pace with the changing climate?

    5 June 2007| Hindustan Times

    "All is not good with the Indian environment," says Dr R K Pachauri, Chairman, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that warned in its reports this year that India is hurtling toward a future of extremes: floods, droughts, intensive rainfall and food insecurity as glaciers that feed our major rivers retreat rapidly. But there is growing awareness about environmental hazards among all stakeholders in the country.