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  • TERI and Mahindra Lifespaces to establish Center of Excellence for Sustainable Habitats

    20 May 2016| The Financial Express

    TERI and Mahindra Lifespaces have announced the creation of a Center of Excellence (CoE) focused on improving energy efficiency in India residential buildings sector. The Mahindra TERI CoE for Sustainable Habitats will evaluate both traditional and innovative technologies and alternative materials customised for the Indian buildings sector and climate zones. The Center will bring the much needed informed validated knowledge about better performing materials and ways to use the ample daylight available, which will greatly help to mainstream greener buildings in the country.

  • Odd-even 1 more effective than phase 2, says TERI analysis

    11 May 2016| The Hindustan Times

    Odd-even phase one implemented in January was more effective than phase two in April in curbing the Capital\'s pollution, said an analysis by TERI. The think tank has released an impact assessment study on the two phases of the scheme that limited the number of private cars on the roads for a 15-day period. It observed that the scheme only led to \"marginal\" reductions (4-7%) of PM 2.5 pollutants during both phases as private cars make a limited contribution to the fine particles. TERI experts used a box model to delineate odd-even\'s effect on PM2.5 concentrations from daily changes due to meteorological factors such as wind speeds.

  • Off-grids can power South Asian electrification

    11 May 2016| Scidev.net

    South Asian governments would do well to integrate off-grid with grid options in their quest to achieve universal electrification, says a new study. The governments prefer to extend the grid even to those regions in which renewable energy sources are available in plenty, says Mr Debajit Palit, Associate Director, Social Transformation division, TERI, and co-author of the study due to be published July in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. In the study, Mr Palit and Dr Kaushik Ranjan, Associate Professor, TERI University, have compared both grid and off-grid modes by carrying out an exhaustive survey of the literature on both methods. The study infers that both modes need to be integrated to achieve universal access to electricity.

  • TERI to host Green Olympiad for CBSE students

    3 May 2016| The Times of India

    TERI is set to host Green Olympiad in all Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) schools, according to the circular issued by CBSE. The Olympiad will be open for students from Class IV to Class X and will judge them on environment. The Olympiad will be open for CBSE school students from classes IV to X. The classes will be divided into three levels wherein Class IV and V, Class VII and VIII, and Class IX and X will be treated as different levels. Questions woven around environmental issues, with direct linkage to the school curriculum, which assesses environment-related sensitivity of the students will be a part of the Olympiad.