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  • Pachauri to Arabs: "Convert oil wealth into soil wealth"

    9 May 2010| The Grid

    Dr R K Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, thinks Arab states should shore up their food security as global warming places stress on the world's agricultural resources. Dr Pachauri suggests Arab oil exporters invest in tracts of scrub-land at home. To illustrate what could be achieved, even in the arid Qatar peninsula, Dr Pachauri displayed a slide of lush greenery in the Dukhan region in the south of the emirate, near its biggest onshore oilfield. TERI was involved in the Dukhan demonstration project, which converted 4000 square metres of "hyper-saline waste-land" into a productive habitat with vegetation, earthworms, insects and birds, in a matter of 18 months.

  • TERI BCSD India and Johnson Controls organize the first India Energy Efficiency Forum

    5 May 2010| Business Wire India

    Reaffirming their commitment to sustainable development, TERI-BCSD India and its member company Johnson Controls India Pvt. Ltd., today held the first India Energy Efficiency Forum. The forum brought together leaders of government, business and nongovernmental organizations to discuss and identify barriers to energy efficient practices and to highlight opportunities for energy efficiency in India. The presentations debated energy policy and legislation, and action on potential energy savings and carbon dioxide reductions, with special focus on the impact on businesses.

  • Renewables will not eliminate fossil fuels

    3 May 2010| Financial Chronicle

    Going green is the new war cry, both for companies and consumers. industry at large, and transport industry in particular, has been weighing options for making our movement environment-friendly by taking recourse to alternative fuels. According to Director-General of TERI, Dr R K Pachauri, India is in a serious situation with regard to energy security and if rapid moves are not made in improving energy efficiency and shifting to renewable energy sources, we are going to face a serious crisis.