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  • New solution to e-waste

    14 May 2006| The Pioneer, Foray

    In India, there is a need to control and mange e-waste which has a major share as a pollutant. According to Ms K V Rajeshwari of TERI: "There was no authorisation and no technique in India to tackle this menace but recently, a method has been deviced." It is a four-step process involves the collection, sorting, processing and extraction of e-waste. "It is a metallurgical procedure where the metal content in the e-waste is appropriately separated from other materials. The waste gases too are extracted before they are exposed to air," adds Ms Rajeshwari.

  • Former Indian envoy elected to UN panel

    12 May 2006| Hindustan Times

    Close on the heels of India's election to the UN Human Rights Council this week, an Indian has been elected to a crucial panel of the powerful Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). Mr Chandrashekhar Dasgupta, an expert on climate change and a former Indian ambassador to China and the European Union, was elected, on Wednesday, to the committee on economic, social and cultural rights, a vital organ of the 54-memmber ECOSOC, for the term 2007-2010. The committee deals with the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights to which India is a party. Mr Dasgupta is currently with TERI where he works on climate change and sustainable development issues. He is also the author of "War and Diplomacy in Kashmir, 1947-48".

  • Country's coastline set for revamp

    12 May 2006| newKerala.com

    India's shoreline, including stretches battered by the 2004 tsunami, is all set for a complete revival, Minister of State for Environment and Forest Mr Namo Narain Meena informed the Rajya Sabha. With regard to control of pollution in coastal and marine waters, he said the ministry has assigned TERI to prepare a National Action Plan for preventing pollution of coastal waters from land-based activities.

  • Letter from India: Hot times cripple city battling for global clout

    11 May 2006| International Herald Tribune

    Delhi's summertime misery provides a portrait in miniature of the infrastructure chaos across India, which must be resolved if the nation is to fulfill its economic promise. For Delhi to force through these changes, long-held attitudes toward power and water must change. Dr R K Pachauri, Director-General of India's leading environmental research body, TERI, said: "We have to break this mind-set that water is a God-given thing that shouldn't be priced and that should be distributed by governments as a matter of course."

  • Green Olympiad on Sept 2

    11 May 2006| The Assam Tribune

    TERI will be conducting the Green Olympiad '06, a national-level environmental examination for schoolchildren, on September 2, a press release said. The Green Olympiad will culminate in the TERRA Quiz, an environmental quiz, which will be telecast on Doordarshan. Every participant will get a certificate of participation/merit/distinction from the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India. Workshops will also be organized before the Olympiad.

  • Go green: The Yale School of Environmental Studies has collaborated with TERI to offer new courses

    10 May 2006| Hindustan Times, HT Horizons

    The Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies of the US and TERI have set up a three-year US $825,000 grant to foster research and training programmes in the areas of energy, climate change, environmental law and policy, joint forest and watershed management and industrial ecology. According to Dr R K Pachauri, Director-General of TERI, the new partnership will produce a new generation of decision makers and leaders in India who will take the country on the track of sustainable development.

  • Need for computer waste management

    10 May 2006| The Hindu

    "The Capital's booming Information Technology market has resulted in an enormous electronic waste burden and we estimate that by 2009 we will have as much as 6,000 tonnes of it,"Mr Subhankar Basu of TERI has warned. Speaking at the two-day "Workshop on Efficient Electronic Waste Management", Mr Basu said: "What makes the situation worse is the fact that dismantling and recycling conditions are rudimentary and unsafe and often workers are exposed to acid fumes that are injurious."The workshop also discussed important issues including "Rapid electronic waste assessment study in India", "Environmental and health impacts of inefficient recycling", "Electronic waste assessment in India", "Electronic waste: Problem area and its magnitude" and "Electronic waste: Need for legislation in India".

  • Chill in India-Iran ties derails 'peace pipeline'

    8 May 2006| Gulf News

    A growing divide between traditional allies India and Iran has put a question mark over their multi-billion dollar energy deals that include a "peace-pipeline" which could have pacified a hostile environment in South Asia. "On the LNG deal, even if we were to agree on the prices, it could be a non-starter as liquefaction, a fairly sophisticated process, is essentially an area of US expertise," said Mr R K Batra, distinguished fellow, TERI

  • City learns to treat e-waste

    6 May 2006| The Deccan Herald

    Bangalore, along with Chennai and Delhi, has led efforts in India to control a problem that is the result of decades of accumulation of electronic equipment. TERI takes an alternate approach to e-waste management. The theory that prevention is better than cure is implemented in the centres it has established and which it plans in and around Bangalore. TERI is constructing and furnishing buildings and estates meant for use by companies and the service-sector, which run along environmentally friendly lines. Facilities include rainwater harvesting, solar furnaces, and heat sinks.

  • IT firms to tackle e-waste

    5 May 2006| The Asian Age

    Confronted with e-waste problem in the city, the IT companies are sending signals that they would like to play a pro-active role to address this issue. At a workshop on e-waste management, organized by TERI, MindTree Consulting chief operating officer, Mr Subroto Bagchi made an offer maintaining that his company was ready to fund a project to prepare textbooks on e-waste.