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  • Water problem to be solved soon: Sheila

    8 April 2006| The Tribune

    Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit expressed hope that the national Capital would be able to tide over the water crisis soon. At the award ceremony, students and teachers who participated in various events conducted under "Jal Jaagrukta", a school education programme initiated by TERI with support from the Delhi Jal Board, were felicitated.

  • Water, water... can be everywhere

    8 April 2006| The Hindu

    Venkatesh Dutta, a Ph.D. scholar with TERI School of Advanced Studies, has just bagged the prestigious Global Development Research Medal Award for penning a paper on water supply reforms with a thrust on the Delhi situation.

  • Breaking the mould: Letting markets set prices in affluent countries is different from doing so in developing countries

    6 April 2006| Business Standard

    Brazil is less dependent on fossil fuels and less polluted, and exports ethanol to North America and Europe. Impossible, if Brazil had focused on profitability, instead of policies such as compulsory blending, support prices, user subsidies, and cheap, easy credit despite inflation. Much could be learnt and adapted, supplemented by initiatives such as TERI's jatropha project with BP in Andhra, given India's land/water constraints for sugarcane.

  • The Greening of Children

    4 April 2006| South Asian Women's Forum

    Environmental concerns in India have been delayed in evolving, but there is every sign that a movement has begun. To help induct children into an awareness of nature and the animals around them, TERI Press had recently brought out a series of books under the Terrapin imprint.

  • Sujalam not yet Sufalam: CAG

    3 April 2006| The Indian Express, Ahmedabad Newsline

    The CAG report has criticized the delay in setting up a Water Regulatory Authority (WRA) of Gujarat to tackle pricing policy, regulate the water supply sector. A high-level empowered committee set up by the Government had in March 2000 recommended that an independent WRA be constituted, and TERI was given the job of formulating a framework for WRA. Though TERI submitted its report in August 2000, and Gujarat Water Infrastructure Company Ltd sent a proposal to the Government for setting up WRA, it is yet to be formed.

  • Power punch

    3 April 2006| The Telegraph

    A TERI energy model suggests the energy demand from the household appliances like refrigerators, ACs and water heaters, will double in the next five years and go on rising steeply for the next two decades. "At a sustained eight per cent economic growth, the electricity demand from the residential sector alone will skyrocket", said Dr Pradeep Dadhich of TERI.

  • Waste side story

    2 April 2006| The Indian Express, Express Estates

    It is not as if with increasing population, Delhi's water requirements have risen so high that supply can't match it. According to Kokil Gupta of TERI, "It is more a case of mismanagement of available resources both at the supplier and users' ends".