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  • India has access to only 4% of water reserves

    5 February 2010| The Times of India

    Water may not be the point of entry into the debate on climate change but that it is at the heart of the issue was widely accepted at the World CEO Forum held during the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2010. Acknowledging the subject as an important part of climate change, water resources minister Mr P K Bansal said that the reducing per capita availability of water and the poor maintenance of existing facilities are just some of the concerns we are faced with in the Indian region. Launching the Regional Knowledge Hub for Water and Climate Change Adaptation in South Asia at TERI, Mr Bansal emphasized the centrality of water to economic growth and life. Voicing concern about depleting water reserves and emphasizing the urgency of efficiency in water management, Mr Bansal added that while India fed 17% of the world’s population, it had access to only 4% of the world’s water reserves.

  • Delhi meet to take forward Hagen talks

    4 February 2010| The Times of India

    DSDS 2010 is the first major gathering of world leaders and climate change experts after Copenhagen convention. While establishing India’s role as a serious world partner on the subject of climate change, DSDS 2010 will also see the release of a white paper on the roadmap to Mexico, where the 16th Conference of Parties will be held in December 2010.

  • DSDS 2010 and its high points

    4 February 2010| The Economic Times

    In its 10th year, the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit is the first major gathering of world leaders and experts post Copenhagen. DSDS 2010 promises to be packed with great sessions and dynamic speakers from world over.

  • They can bend me, but they can

    2 February 2010| Hindustan Times

    Except for using intemperate language, the world's climate-change pointsman says he isn't guilty of anything: conflicts of interest or wearing Armani suits. Chairman of the Intergovenmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC), Rajendra Pachauri in a wide-ranging interview with Samar Halarnkar and Chetan Chauhan, says he will continue battling global lobbies that refuse to accept planetary warming. Read more...