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  • 'Green Revolution needed again': Interview with Jeffrey Sachs

    6 February 2006| The Times of India

    Interview with Dr Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Colombia University and author of The End of Poverty, who was in Delhi to attend the DSDS 2006.

  • A book for urban area crisis

    6 February 2006| The Hindustan Times

    "Indian cities have great potential," declared Frannie Leautier, Vice President of the World Bank Institute. Leautier was speaking at the sixth conference of the three-day Delhi Sustainable Development Summit organized by TERI.

  • Closing ranks to achieve sustainable development: DSDS 2006 focused on innovative partnerships and governance to achieve MDGs

    6 February 2006| The Financial Express

    The recently culminated Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2006 (DSDS 2006) organized by TERI focused on 'Linking across MDGs: towards innovative partnerships and governance.'

  • Millennium goals not on track

    6 February 2006| The Times of India

    A galaxy of leaders from governments, development organizations, community groups, business, academic and research institutions and international agencies say the world just isn't on track to meet the millennium development goals (MDGs) aimed at reducing poverty and hunger, improving lives and ensuring environmental sustainability. A Delhi Declaration at the end of the three-day Delhi Sustainable Development Summit organized by TERI regretted the lack of progress in meeting these goals and integrating them into national development plans.

  • Sustainable Development Summit sees no headway in meeting MDGs

    6 February 2006| Webindia123.com

    Participants in the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit, 2006 have emphasized that peace should be acknowledged as a basic remise for development and the poor should be recognized as an integral part of global growth by designing low-cost and state-of-the-art technologies for meeting their needs.

  • Conservation can be profitable, too: PCRA gives oil conservation awards for 2004-05

    5 February 2006| The Financial Express

    TERI, Bangalore, bagged the award for its initiative towards identifying energy-saving potential and suggesting measures to help realize the savings identified.

  • Pat for poverty fight, prick at investment

    5 February 2006| The Telegraph

    India is doing well in the battle against poverty but needs more investment, both private and government, in public health, education and basic infrastructure. The advice comes from Jeffrey David Sachs, special adviser to the UN secretary-general and director of Columbia University's The Earth Institute. The economist, known best for his views on sustainable development, spoke on Challenges for the UN and Global Society at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2006, organized by TERI in February 2006.

  • TERI, BP undertake $9.4-m bio-fuel project

    4 February 2006| Sify

    BP announced that it is to fund a $9.4 million project by TERI in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh to demonstrate the feasibility of producing biodiesel from Jatropha Curcas, a non-edible oil bearing crop.

  • Partnerships Vital to Ensuring Region's Sustainable Development: ADB

    4 February 2006| OneWorld.net

    The region's natural resources and environment will increasingly be the focus of partnership efforts, Dr Rajat Nag, Director General of ADB's Mekong Department, told the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS) on its opening day

  • How to cut down electricity bill?

    4 February 2006| The Economic Times

    In rural India, solar lanterns are getting more popular, says Ms Ruchika Chawla of TERI. The government has clearly figured out the advantage of going green. Plans are under way to make solar panels mandatory for new constructions in Pune and Mumbai.