Research Papers

Research papers are listed alphabetically by title in the reverse chronological order

Sustainable Development: A Critical Review of Construction and Demolition Waste Management Rules 2016

Manuja Sourabh, Siddiqui Faisal Zia, Breu Sandra, Tripathi Raj Deep , 2016

Environmental Pollution Control Journal, Vol 20(1): 16-21p.

Sustaining the Farming Household to Sustain the Farming

Nawn Nandan , 2016

Journal of Agrarian Change, Vol. 16(1): 94–122p.

The determinants of electricity theft: An empirical analysis of Indian states?

Gaur Vasundhara , 2016

Energy Policy 93 (2016) 127–136p.

The Effect of Development on the Climate Sensitivity of Electricity Demand in India

Gupta Eshita , 2016

Climate Change Economics, Vol. 7( 2): 1650003-1-16500049 p.

The isolation and identification of new microalgal strains producing oil and carotenoid simultaneously with biofuel potential

Minhas Amritpreet Kaur, Hodgson Peter, Barrow Colin J., Sashidhara Burla , Adholeya Alok , 2016

Bioresource Technology, Vol 211: , 556–565p.

The Role of DNA Restriction-Modification Systems in the Biology of Bacillus anthracis

Sitaraman Ramakrishnan , 2016

Frontiers in Microbiology (Online)

Thermal performance evaluation of a mineral-based cement tile as roofing material

Kiran Kumar D.E.V.S., Puranik Sanket , 2016

Indoor and Built Environment, (DOI: 10.1177/1420326X15622978): 1-13p.

Urban domestic water pricing in India and China

Lee Frederick, Aggarwal Veena, Nickumc James , 2016

Water Policy 18 (2016): 68–82p.

Valuing setting-based recreation for selected visitors to national forests in the southern United States

Sardana Kavita, Bergstromb John C. , Bowker J.M. , 2016

J Environ Manage. 2016 Dec 1;183(Pt 3):972-979p.

Vehicular exhaust emissions under current and alternative future policy measures for megacity Delhi, India

Jain Suresh,Aggarwal Preeti, Sharma Prateek, Kumar Prashant , 2016

Journal of Transport & Health, Vol 3(3): 404–412p.