Research Papers

Research papers are listed alphabetically by title in the reverse chronological order

Comparison of Spatial Interpolation Methods for Mapping Rainfall in Indian Himalayas of Uttarakhand Region

Kumari Madhuri, Basisth Ashoke, Bakimchandra Oinam, Singh C K , 2016

Economic Modeling, Analysis, and Policy for Sustainability

Goswami A, Mishra A (ed) , 2016

Economic Modeling, Analysis, and Policy for Sustainability (pp. 1-323). Hershey, PA: IGI Global. doi:10.4018/978-1-5225-0094-0

Emission Factors for Continuous Fixed Chimney Bull Trench Brick Kiln (FCBTK) in India

Suresh R, Kumar Sachin ,Mahtta Richa, Sharma Sumit , 2016

International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science (IJAEMS), Vol 2 (6):662-670p.

Enabling policies for advancing sustainability of electricity access programs

Bhattacharyya C Subhes, Palit Debajit , 2016

Economic modeling, analysis, and policy for sustainabilit Anandajit Goswami and Arabinda Mishra, editors; IGI Global, USA.

Evaluation of the performance of improved biomass cooking stoves with different solid biomass fuel types

Suresh R, Singh V K, Malik J K, Datta A, Pal R C , 2016

Biomass and Bioenergy, Vol 95 (2016) 27-34p.

Framing green consumer behaviour research: opportunities and challenges

Narula Sapna A, Desore Anupriya , 2016

Social Responsibility Journal, Vol. 12(1):pp.

Functional profiling of cyanobacterial genomes and its role in ecological adaptations

Prabha Ratna, Singh Dhananjaya P, Pallavi Somvanshi, Rai Anil , 2016

Genomics Data, Vol 9(2016): 89-94p.

Grid Interactive Renewable Power in India—a Review

Banerjee Manjushree, Dutta Gautam , 2016

Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy Reports, Vol 3(3–4),: 43–52Pp.

Hydrocarbon Cracking Over Red Mud and Modified Red Mud Samples

Alharthi A I, Hargreaves J S J, Pulford I D, Gupta N, Balakrishnan M, Batra V S, Sing R K , 2016

Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy, (DOI 10.1007/s40831-016-0082-4): 1-7p.