Research Papers

Research papers are listed alphabetically by title in the reverse chronological order

The climate, development, and poverty nexus in Africa

Kelkar U , 2006

Mapping Climate Vulnerability and Poverty in Africa, pp. 168-177, edited by P K Thornton, P G Jones, T M Owiyo, R L Kruska, M Herrero, P Kristjanson, A Notenbaert, N Bekele, A Omolo

The Indian insurance industry and climate change: exposure, opportunities, and strategies ahead

Kelkar U, James C R, and Kumar R , 2006

Climate Policy 6 (6): 658-671

The promises and challenges of biofuels for the poor in developing countries

von Braun J and Pachauri R K , 2006

IFPRI 2005-2006 Annual Report Essay, (International Food Policy Research Institute), pp. 1-12.

Thermohydraulics of laminar flow through rectangular and square ducts with transverse ribs and twisted tapes

Pramanik D and Saha S K , 2006

Journal of Heat Transfer, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Vol. 128 (10) (October 2006): 1070-1080

Trade in agriculture and India: any lesson to learn from trade in textile?

Chakraborty P and Chakraborty D , 2006

The Trade Game: negotiation trends at WTO and concerns of developing countries, pp. 153-183, edited by B Debroy and D Chakraborty

UK-India collaboration to identify the barriers to the transfer of low carbon energy technology

Ockwell D, Watson J and MacKerron G, Pal P, Vasudevan N, Mohanty P, Yamin F. , 2006

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, UK, 122 pp.

Underground coal gasification in India: challenges ahead

Chand S K , 2006

Proceedings of the International Coal Congress and Expo 2006, pp. 229-334 (Vol. 1)

Urban air quality management: a case study of Pune

Sharma S and Panwar T S , 2006

Environmental Pollution Control Journal 9 (5)

Urban environment

Pandey S, Singhal S, Jaswal P, Guliani M , 2006

India Infrastructure Report, pp. 208-231, edited by Anupam Rastogi

Use of genetic markers in the management of micropropagated Eucalyptus germplasm

Tripathi S B, Mathish N V, and Gurumurthi K , 2006

New Forests 31 (3): 361-372