Research Papers

Research papers are listed alphabetically by title in the reverse chronological order

Scope of production forestry in enhancing the carbon mitigation in Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh in India

Bhojvaid P P , 2006

Production Forestry for Carbon Mitigation, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment

Screening of Indian germplasm of Jatropha curcas for selection of high oil-yielding plants

Kaushik N, Roy S, and Biswas G C , 2006

Indian Journal of Agroforestry 8 (2): 54-57

Solar drying vs open sun drying: a framework for financial evaluation

Purohit P, Kumar A, and Kandpal T C , 2006

Solar Energy 80 (12): 1568-1579

Solid waste management

Pandey S, Ragvan K V S, and Datt D , 2006

Looking back to change tracks: Green India 2047, pp. 71?108

South Asian approach to competition and regulation

Sarkar S K , 2006

Connexions, NCAER (National Council of Applied Economic Research) 2 (7)

Status of groundwater availability and recharge in the mining watersheds of North Goa

Choudri B S and Chachadi A G , 2006

In Multiple Dimensions of Global Environmental Change, pp. 623 - 649

Study of exhaust emissions from diesel engine using jatropha oil

Chaturvedi O P and Mande S , 2006

Proceedings of the National Seminar on Producing and Harnessing Bio-diesel for Energy Applications (3 March 2006, organized by NTPC Limited)

Sustainable industrial development in urban areas of West Bengal: a case study of Durgapur

Mukhopadhyay K, Bhattacharjya S, and Charkraborty D , 2006

The state of Indian economy, Vol. IV, edited by Prof V B Jugale and Prof Y V Jugale

Sustainable surplus biomass for power generation in Rajgarh taluka of Nahan district, Himachal Pradesh

Chauhan S and Mohapatra K K , 2006

Indian Journal of Forestry 29 (1): 63-68