Research Papers

Research papers are listed alphabetically by title in the reverse chronological order

Potential of arbuscular mycorrhiza in organic farming system

Tanu, Prakash A, and Adholeya A. , 2006

Handbook of Microbial Biofertilizers, pp. 223-239, edited by M K Rai.

Potential of gasifier systems in small and micro enterprises of Northeast India for optimal energy utilization and biomass resource conservation

Palit D and Mande S , 2006

Proceedings of the 22nd National Convention of Mechanical Engineers on Energy Technologies ? strategies for optimal utilization of natural resources, pp. 76-83, edited by P Mahanta, S K Kakoty, and G N Khound

PPP in service delivery: need for capacity building

Sarkar S K , 2006

Circular 3 (1)

Promising project: community forestry in Haryana

Chauhan S , 2006

Wastelands News XXI (4): 24-25

Public transportation: a pathway to sustainability

Bose R K , 2006

OPEC Bulletin, XXXVII (1): 44-55

Recent initiatives in improvement of edible oils quality

Agnihotri A , 2006

International Conference on Post Harvest Technology and Value addition in Cereals, Pulses & Oilseeds [Abstract]

Regional inequality in West Bengal economy: some exploratory results

Chakraborty P and Chakraborty D , 2006

Artha Beeskhan 14 (3 & 4): 236-248

Regulatory process in infrastructure sectors: consumer interest

Sarkar S K , 2006

Management in Government XXXVIII (1): 1-14

Regulatory supervision of emerging technologies: a case for nanotechnology in India

Chowdhury N , 2006

Economic and Political Weekly XLI (46): 4730-4733

Rehabilitation of red mud pond: a pilot study at INDAL, Belgaum

Chauhan S, Sharma J V, Lal B, Paul V , 2006

Indian Forester 132 (5): 534-542