Research Papers

Research papers are listed alphabetically by title in the reverse chronological order

Optimal regulatory instruments for a self-polluting firm in the presence of water pollution

Goswami A, Bhattacharjya S, and Ghosh N , 2006

Proceedings of the Conference on Frontiers of Regulation-assessing Scholarly Debates and Policy Challenges (Bath, UK, 7-8 Sepetember 2006, organized by the University of Bath)

Pakistan's nuclear disorder: weapons, proliferation and safety [Monograph]

Singh G , 2006

New Delhi, Lancer, 2006, XI, 112 pp.

Performance and economics of using Pongamia pinnata oil in a small stationery CI engine

Srinivas S N, Nagaraju Y, Setty H H N, Kulkarni V B, Kishore V V N., edited by E V R Sastry and D N Reddy , 2006

Transition to Renewable Energy: emerging global opportunities, pp. 478-484

Phytomicrobial remediation of effluent using biotechnological interventions

Adholeya A, Pant D, Reddy U G, Sharma N , 2006

Paper India 9 (2): 22-23

Policy note on regulatory issues in biofuels

Goswami Anandajit , 2006

In: Goswami Anandajit (ed). Policy note on regulatory issues in biofuels, ISBN 415

Potential of arbuscular mycorrhiza in organic farming system

Tanu, Prakash A, and Adholeya A. , 2006

Handbook of Microbial Biofertilizers, pp. 223-239, edited by M K Rai.

Potential of gasifier systems in small and micro enterprises of Northeast India for optimal energy utilization and biomass resource conservation

Palit D and Mande S , 2006

Proceedings of the 22nd National Convention of Mechanical Engineers on Energy Technologies ? strategies for optimal utilization of natural resources, pp. 76-83, edited by P Mahanta, S K Kakoty, and G N Khound

PPP in service delivery: need for capacity building

Sarkar S K , 2006

Circular 3 (1)

Promising project: community forestry in Haryana

Chauhan S , 2006

Wastelands News XXI (4): 24-25