Research Papers

Research papers are listed alphabetically by title in the reverse chronological order

High technology marketing: conceptualization and case study

Pal P, Yadav N, and Swami S. , 2006

Vikalpa: The Journal for Decision Makers. 31 (2): 57-74

Identifying indicators to manage coastal ecosystems in India

Sonak S, Abraham M, and Kazi S , 2006

In Multiple Dimensions of Global Environmental Change, pp. 351 - 370, edited by S Sonak New Delhi, India: TERI Press

India's energy challenge

Pachauri R K , 2006

Public Policy Research 13 (3): 200-206

Indian leadership for improved mobile air conditioning (MAC)

Chidambaram P S, Abbi Y P, Thundiyil K, Anderson S O , 2006

Industria & Formazione, special international issue - refrigeration and air conditioning. pp.31 [Abstract]

India's economic development: the challenge of energy security and environmental protection

Pachauri R K , 2006

Political Exterior XX (July/August 2006): 67-76.

Indoor air pollution monitoring in rural and urban households of Madhya Pradesh, India

Pandey S and Uma R , 2006

Proceedings of the South Asia Regional Workshop on Indoor Air pollution [organized by Practical Action, Nepal]

Inequality and growth: a study of the Indian economy

Chakraborty P and Goswami A , 2006

Economics Journal of Development Issues 6 (1): 1-16

Into the mainstream

Bhandari P , 2006

Our Planet 17 (2): 34-35

Introduction: Avoiding dangerous climate

Pachauri R K , 2006

Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change, pp. 3- 6, edited by H J Schellnhuber, W Cramer, N Nakicenovic , T Wigley, G Yohe

Iran's nuclear crisis

Singh G and Chaudhury R , 2006

Indian Defence Review 21 (3)