Research Papers


Mini-grid based off-grid electrification to enhance electricity access in developing countries: What policies may be required

Bhattacharyya Subhes C, Palit Debajit , 2016

Energy Policy, Vol 94: 166-178p.


With 1.2 billion people still lacking electricity access by 2013, electricity access remains a major global challenge. Although mini-grid based electrification has received attention in recent times, their full exploitation requires policy support covering a range of areas. Distilling the experience from a five year research project, OASYS South Asia, this paper presents the summary of research findings and shares the experience from four demonstration activities. It suggests that cost-effective universal electricity service remains a challenge and reaching the universal electrification target by 2030 will remain a challenge for the less developed countries. The financial, organisational and governance weaknesses hinder successful implementation of projects in many countries. The paper then provides 10 policy recommendations to promote mini-grids as a complementary route to grid extension to promote electricity access for successful outcomes.


Mini-grids; Enabling policy; Electricity access; Decentralised energy ; Off-grid