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Fuelwood and Fodder Consumption Pattern an Altitudinal Gradient (1000 - 1200 M) in Mountain Villages of Almora District

Singh Narayan, Lodhiyal L S , 2016

Indian Forester, Vol 142(12):1199-1206p.


The rural population of the Kumaun Himalaya using fodder and fuelwood from their own sources as well as forest also for time immortal. Forest is the main sources of these requirements. The aim of this paper to analyze the fodder consumption pattern, availability and energy economics for fuel and fodder. The average consumption of fodder was 7.7 kg. for green and 2.07 kg dry per day. The main source for fodder was agricultural residue and the human energy consumed 0.14MJ/H/Day for the collection of reported fodder of animals. The average fuel consumption was 3.95 Kg./Day/Family and there was a deficit of 24.7 MT/Year. Maximum energy (16.8MJ) was for firewood collection in winters.


Energy; Fuel; Fodder; Deficit