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Changes in oil content and fatty acid composition in Jatropha curcas during seed development

Sinha Pratima, Islam Md Aminul, Negi Madan Singh, Tripathi Shashi Bhushan , 2015

Industrial Crops and Products, 77 (2015): 508–510p.


Seed development in Jatropha curcas L. was studied with respect to morphology, oil content and lipid profiles. Seeds were collected at 8 different stages of development starting from 6 days after pollination till maturity. Seed oil content increased from 6.15% to 35.86%. Palmitic acid (16:0) decreased from 34.27- 15.62, whereas linolenic acid (18:3) reduced from 26.32 to 0.65%. A sharp increase in oleic acid (18:1) content from 8.05 to 29.56% was observed at stage 5 which increased further to 44.38% at maturity. Linoleic acid (18:2) increased steadily from 33.38 to 47.19 % till stage 7 but reduced to 33.02% at maturity with a simultaneous increase in oleic acid. Remarkable changes in fatty acid composition were observed after stage 4 (27 DAP). The biodiesel quality of oil at stage 8 was better than at stage 7 as indicated by lower iodine number and higher cetane number.


Jatropha curcas; Biodiesel; Fatty acid methyl esters; Oil content; Seed development