Research Papers


Knowledge Management System in TERI: A Strategic Initiative

Bhattacharya P K, Ganguly Shantanu , 2014

In: Munshi Usha M and Sharma Vinod K (eds). Knowledge Management for Sustainable Development: 151-169p.


Knowledge management has taken center stage to manage organization knowledge for effective business process decision making. Besides, corporate houses, the need has been felt in research organizations also. TERI is a knowledge based research organization. Over the years, TERI has been involved in large number of research projects undertaken for the government, bi-lateral, and multi-lateral organization. A large number of knowledge resources generated, captured and utilized to accomplish these multi-faceted projects. Keeping this mind, the knowledge cycle and to minimize the knowledge loss, TERI came up with its knowledge management system. But, it was recently realized that still benefits of the system was not fully exploited as there are gaps exist in culture, process and the technology. This paper has given some highlights of the shift to a new KM system and also discuss on the performance metrics envisaged to measure the effectiveness of the new KM system.?


Knowledge management, Organization knowledge. Business process, TERI, KM system