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Infopreneurship : A Strategic Initiative for Business Development in Libraries

Ganguly Shantanu , Bhattacharya P K , 2015

Proceeding of 4th International Conference of Asian Special Libraries (ICoASL 2015), Paper 5-3: 1-15P.


Infopreneurship is not a new concept in information service industry, but not very popular also.This is because majority of the library, organizations, institutions are government supported.But a large number of libraries and information centers, especially those are from private set up or self-funded are exploring avenues to generate fund by developing sustainability model.Another reasons is that the library and information centers are considered to be not-for-profit set up and the services would be provided free of cost. But over the years, libraries are also facing financial constraints, at least in India, due to rise in subscription cost of resources, shrinkage of funds from the funding bodies. TERI is a not-for-profit organization and selfsustainable too. Both TERI and TERI-KM Division are engaged in large number of government,multi- and bi-lateral funded projects on contemporary areas. This paper discussed some of the infopreneurial attitude developed by the division. This concept has proved to be an innovative and brought in best practices in the said field. Unfortunately, this subject is not a part of the regular LIS curriculum in India.


Commoditization of information, Infopreneurship, Knowledge management,