Research Papers


Emerging perspectives on environmental burden minimisation initiatives from anaerobic digestion technologies for community scale biomass valorisation

Tiwary A, Williams I D, Pant Dinesh Chander, Kishore V V N , 2015

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Vol 42: 883–901p


This paper provides an extensive review of anaerobic digestion(AD) systems,witha specific focus on community scale digesters for urban applications, processing either municipal organic waste exclusively or as mix feed. Emphasisis placed on reducing the systems scale environmentalimpact of AD technologies, including pre-and post-treatment stages, alongside biogas production. Developments to-date in AD system research in Europeand in the Asia region have been compared, providing a comprehensive evaluation of current practice, elucidating the areas of further potentials.


Ammonia; Anaerobic digestion; Digestate; Environmental burden; Life cycleassessment; Valorisation