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India Japan Energy Forum 2013: Expanding Technology Cooperation in Energy Efficiency, Renewables and Smart Community

Sethi Girish, Dhingra Upinder Singh , 2014

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Diplomatist-Special Report: 28-30p


Energy is directly linked to well-being and prosperity of nations, and meeting the growing demand for energy in an environmentally responsible manner is a key challenge. The increasing demand for power has led to a corresponding increase in fossil fuels use, which has had an adverse impact on environment. Thus, efficient use of energy,and using renewable sources of energy is of paramount importance. This is true for large industries small and medium enterprises, as well as commercial and personal users. One of the most important challenges facing governments and businesses is to find cost effective, sustainable solutions to their ever increasing energy needs. Indian and Japanese experts have been exchanging their ideas on an energy secure sustainable model of growth at an international level.

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Renewable energy; Energy conservation; Japan; India