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Energy, Environment, and Sustainable Development Knowledge Center: A TERI LIC Case Study

Sharma Reeta and Ganguly Shantanu , 2014

In: Chakraborty S and Das A K (eds). Collaboration in International and Comparative Librarianship,(IGI Global Disseminator of Knowledge): 111-124p.


This chapter explore how TERI, being a research organization, emphasizes knowledge creation and global dissemination of its research on sustainable development. Knowledge Management division was created to meet the challenges of the knowledge acquisition, management, and outreach demands of the research community. The Library and Information Centre (LIC) caters to the knowledge needs of both institutional and external professionals by collecting, collating, and disseminating knowledge products and services documented in a wide array of resources, including books, reports, periodicals, and e-resources. Besides providing research assistance to users, the core competency of the LIC professionals includes providing innovative services, Web content development, contributions to publications, and setting up specialized information centres on contemporary themes like transport, renewable energy and environment, mycorrhiza, and climate change. The Institute runs the only specialized library on climate change (SLCC) supported by the Norwegian Government.


Energy, Environment, Sustainable Development, Knowledge Center