Research Papers


An assessment of health sector in the "state action plans on climate change" for India

Basu Avanti Roy and Gautam Sumit Kumar , 2013

Global Health Perspectives, Vol. 1 Issue 2 Oct. 2013 pp. 67-70


This article attempts to assess the state action plans on climate change (SAPCC) of 11 Indian states in terms of reviewing the challenges and opportunities in the health sector. The review indicates that inadequate literature on the projected impacts of climate change on human health is a major issue that requires immediate attention. The absence of any national mission on health has affected the level of prioritization given to the health sector in SAPCCs. Based on the assessment, emphasis to enhance resilience of tribal populations, forest dwellers, and other backward groups has been recommended. In addition, considering the financial constraints, the participation of private sector in creating health infrastructure is suggested. There is also an urgent need to conduct carrying capacity studies linked to population dynamics, which is the first step toward enhancing resilience and institutional preparedness.


climate change, human health, malaria, state action plans on climate change