Research Papers


Green buildings, GRIHA and Healthcare

Vij A , 2011

Christian Medical Journal of India, July–September, pp.17–19


Today, all walks of our lives are influenced by the current global climate change. The primary reason for this is the excessive Green House Gas (GHG) emissions due to various anthropogenic activities. One of the biggest contributors to the global (GHG) emission scenario is the building and construction sector. Approximately 30–40% of global green house gas emissions result from activities directly or indirectly related to buildings and construction. Energy is consumed during the construction of a building, during the operation of the building, for maintenance and finally for its demolition. There is also a lot of waste generated during each of these respective stages. Along with this, the current trend and speed of urbanization makes the situation worrisome. There is a constant demand for new buildings in the residential and commercial sector. It is expected that by 2030, 47.1% of Indian population would be living in urban centres. Buildings consume a lot of energy. Thus, if we can make buildings more energy efficient in terms of energy consumption and reduce the amount of waste generated by them, we in turn have a great impact on the overall reduction of GHG emissions.


green buildings, climate change, building construction, GHG emissions, energy consumption