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Infopreneurship : A Strategic Initiative for Business Development in Libraries

Ganguly Shantanu , Bhattacharya P K , 2015

Proceeding of 4th International Conference of Asian Special Libraries (ICoASL 2015), Paper 5-3: 1-15P.

A Gateway to Sustainable Development through Knowledge Exchange: a TERI Case Study

Deepa N; Ganguly Shantanu , 2014

ASLP Journal, Vol 2(1): 12-21p.

Energy, Environment, and Sustainable Development Knowledge Center: A TERI LIC Case Study

Sharma Reeta and Ganguly Shantanu , 2014

In: Chakraborty S and Das A K (eds). Collaboration in International and Comparative Librarianship,(IGI Global Disseminator of Knowledge): 111-124p.

Genesis of World Digital Libraries: An International Journal

Alam Nihal, Bhattacharya P K , 2014

Annals of Library and Information Studies, Vol 61: 235-239P.

Knowledge Management System in TERI: A Strategic Initiative

Bhattacharya P K, Ganguly Shantanu , 2014

In: Munshi Usha M and Sharma Vinod K (eds). Knowledge Management for Sustainable Development: 151-169p.

Outreach and dissemination of information services through electronic media: the case of Specialized Library on Climate Change, TERI

Deepa N, Ganguly Shantanu , 2014

Conference Proceeding on From Brick to Click- Transforming Libraries into Social Spaces: 1-12p.

Application of appropriate technologies in TERI Library and Information Centre: an exploratory study

Sharma Reeta, Sankar T P , 2013

Proceeding of International Conference on Digital Libraries 2013, Vol 1: 296-308p.

Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technologies in Libraries

Alam Nihal, Karmakar Ranjan , 2013

In: Dhamdhere Sangeeta N.(eds). Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technologies in Libraries: 63-76p.

Knowledge Access using DL Platform: A TERI Research Library Case Study

Sharma Reeta, Ganguly Shantanu , 2013

DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 33(1): 63-72p.

Transition of Digital library in a web enabled environment: from Semantic to Social Semantic Digital library

Alam Nihal, Karmakar Ranjan , 2013

In: Proceedings of International Conference on Digital Libraries 2013: 14p.