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Climate variability and urbanization: impacts, risk, and solutions for Narmada River Basin

Sharma D , 2009

Seminar on Climate Change: causes, measures, and preparedness. [Seminar on Climate Change: causes, measures, and preparedness, 24?26 August, organized by the University Centre for Earth and Space Sciences, University of Hyderabad]

Competition issues in regulated industries: case of India?s transport sector-ports and railways.

Ghate A T , 2009

National Conference, State of Competition in the Indian Economy, Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi, India, 11?12 June, organized by CCI, DFID, and FIAS

Competition issues in regulated industries: case of Indian transport sector: railways and ports

Sundar S, Aggarwal V, Chawla R, Diljun G M, Garg A, Ghate A T, Krithika P R. , 2009

CCI (Competition Commission of India), New Delhi

Ecological footprint

Ghate A T , 2009

ITEC?TERI University training programme on Integrated Approach towards Sustainable Development, New Delhi, India, 7?25 July 2009, organized by TERI University

Energy efficient building design: contribution to energy security

Majumdar M and Kochhar P , 2009

Energy Security Insights 4(4)

Green rating for integrated habitat assessment

Kochhar P , 2009

Akshay Urja 3(1) page

Optimisation of building envelope for energy efficiency using genetic algorithm

Sahu M, Bhattacharjee B, and Kaushik S C , 2009

SESI Journal 18(1):1-10

Promoting sustainability: transport

Sundar S , 2009

Workshop on Strategies for Sustainable Regulation and Development, Kuala Lumpur, May 2009