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Odd even story of Delhi traffic and air pollution

Sehgal, Meena , 2016

International Journal of Environmental Studies, Volume 73, Issue 2, 2016

Thermal performance evaluation of a mineral-based cement tile as roofing material

Kiran Kumar D.E.V.S., Puranik Sanket , 2016

Indoor and Built Environment, (DOI: 10.1177/1420326X15622978): 1-13p.

Life cycle energy consumption and CO2 emissions of different transport systems in India

Ghate Akshima Tejas, Sundar Sanjivi , 2014

The Asian Journal: Journal of Transport and Infrastructure, Vol 2(1): 68-90p.

Moving towards inclusive urban adaptation: approaches to integrating community-based adaptation to climate change at city and national scale

Archera Diane, Almansi Florencia, DiGregorio Michael , Roberts Debra, Sharma Divya, Syam Denia , 2014

Climate and Development (Special Issue: Community-based adaptation: Mainstreaming into national and local planning) , Vol 6(4): 345-356p

Road Map Towards Net Zero Energy Building

Sastry Minni , 2014

The Bridge and Structural Engineer, Vol 44 (1): 66-68p.

Daylighting in Schools influencing the health and productivity of children: Investigating with current British Standards

Namburu H K V and Kumar D E V S Kiran , 2013

International Conference, 13-16 February

Test of Airflow in a Mono-directional Wind-catcher for various Wind Conditions using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Devadutt S, Habeeb R , 2013

International conference held in IIT Madras, Chennai on

Green buildings, GRIHA and Healthcare

Vij A , 2011

Christian Medical Journal of India, July–September, pp.17–19

Impact of increasing mass transit share on energy demand and emissions from transport sector for National Capital Territory of Delhi

Khanna P, Jain S, Sharma P, and Mishra S , 2011

Transportation Research Part D 16: 65-72